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Yes, you can still build your dream customers list even in the middle of this Pandemic.

But first, you must entrust that your Interactive Catalogue is meant for collecting and building a list of customers,

and not just sending out PDF catalogue or distributing hardcopy of it.

It could be your new normal, but the good news is there is more you can do with it your Interactive Catalogue (Website) now.

Even better sales when everyone is online!

Simple Pricing. Choose Your Side.


Below 10 products

Starts from

RM 59

For monthly web hosting &
site maintenance, plus

RM 3,997


Just for one-time design
and development fees.


Unlimited Products

Starts from

RM 79

For monthly web hosting &
site maintenance, plus



for custom design
and development fees.

Subscription for hosting, support and maintenance start 30 days upon website launch.
Terms & Conditions apply.

*Available on limited time only.

Benefits Await Upon Completion

Your business is visible online.

You can forget printing.

Remove headache when updating tiny contents.

Easily update new products, pricing, or services.

More customers.

Back in the game. Locally and International.

*Available on limited time only.

We Take Care Of Everything

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5 Simple Steps to Publish Your Interactive Catalogue in less than 30 days.


Get your full catalogue ready and
email it to [email protected].


Our team will call you to schedule the first important appointment to discuss the design, strategy and approach for the next steps.


The 25 days of project design and development kickstart.


Review and approve the staging website.


Go Live!

Featured Catalogue

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can my website really go live within 25 - 30 days?

Definitely yes. If all the materials guidelines are met, there shouldn’t be any doubt.

What if I exceeded the 30 days period?

We have allocated our manpower to design, build, complete and publish your website within 30 days. However, there will be an additional daily charges if exceeded this 30 day development period.

Is domain name included?

We provide one (.com,,.my) domain free for the first year. If you have already own a domain, we will help you transfer and configure the domain with no additional charges.

Why do I have to pay for the subscription fee?

We are using an Open-Source engine (WordPress, Drupal or Magento) to build your website. However, these open source engine does not come with any warranty for security and protection. Therefore, the subscription fee is paid for a secure cloud hosting platform to host your website and an insurance coverage for the website – incase anything goes wrong.

Do I have to drop by to your office to check on progress?

No, this project will be updated by our Project Management Office via email or instant messages from time to time.

I can do this by myself, it should be easy right?

The question is, why do you need to do it by yourself? You can fully focus on bringing in more prospects and customers to convert through your website. Leave the heavy techie details to us. We take care of everything for you!

What benefits will I get from the yearly maintenance subscription?

We provide 2 tickets (if subscribe yearly) to request for website changes.

Can my website be multilingual?

Yes, you can have up to 3 different languages (English, Malay, Chinese) and each language is subjected additional fees which also depends on the number of pages you have.

It says deliver in 25 days, but why my website only go Live in 30 days?

There are 2 checkpoints in the whole process. The first checkpoint is when we design and develop the whole website within 25 days and then to showcase you your entire website. The second checkpoint of the remaining 5 days will be YOU reviewing, checking through website, minor changes and approve to go Live.

Why should I pay for these extra days?

To complete a successful website it will definitely requires both parties commitment to reach the ultimate goal. That means, confirmation of the contents, design, structure and testing the website requires time commitment. This is to ensure our time used to develop the website is delivered within time frame of 25 days as promised.

If I happen to approve and go Live on the 26th day, what will happen to my remaining days?

We know if this happens, you are definitely a good client. We will reward you with an additional 1 ticket for you to update your website or a free powerbank. Your choice.

Do I have total control over my website?

Yes, you will have full control of your website upon going Live. Login access will be provided.

Any warranty for my website?

Yes, warranty and insurance of website security is covered for as long as you are subscribed with us.

What if I have a lot of content to be updated every time?

You can either login to the website to self-manage or subscribe to our Active Maintenance Plans.

What happens if I choose to unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe anytime, and your website will be freeze for 30 days. You can then opt to completely unsubscribe or to resume your subscription.

Why do I have to pay extra for multilingual website?

Proper translation requires valuable time and resources to build the web pages separately. Hence, these are the cost of manpower incurred.

*Available on limited time only.