Generate Leads Like A Machine through Social Media

In this WDD.MY Social Media edition, we’ll do a discovery dive on how to generate leads through Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As the social media landscape continues to soar, these platforms are boosting sales for every business every minute.

However, there are 60% of internet users are only confined to social media and these social media platforms have vast data of users.

This data is beneficial to boost the business bottom line or to generate leads. This article will explain, “How You Can Generate Leads through Social Media?”.

So, keep reading until the end to reap the full benefits and ideas from this article.


Generate Leads Through Facebook

For some, getting leads through Facebook is pretty straightforward. Facebook allows you to generate your audience according to your business.

Moreover, Facebook provides different tools to manage your audience.

Primarily, the audience is divided into three categories:

  1. Custom Audience
  2. Custom Saved Audience
  3. Same Audience (Lookalike Audience)

In saved audiences, you can generate leads by collecting data of users with the same interests. These interests may include age, locations, genders, and devices.


Same Location Targeting
Suppose your business is directed to a limited audience and location. In that case, Facebook helps you to target audiences from the same place.

Locations may include:

  • Same Country
  • Same State
  • City
  • Postal Area/Code
  • Same Local Address

Demographic Targeting
Facebook offers demographic targeting to target a more precise audience.

In this targeting, you will get a more personalized audience of the same age, gender, religion, or language.

What is the age of the users you are targeting?

If you plan to target an audience with a specific age range, you can quickly get it by telling Facebook what you are looking for and Facebook will show you the potential reach numbers.

Some businesses are gender-specific. Facebook can give you the audience of your desired gender.

There are a lot more options. You can also specify your audience by language, religion, political views, job interests, or life events.

Same Interest Targeting
Interest-based targeting is one of the easiest ways to generate leads through Facebook. In this targeting, you only focus on users with the same interests.

Users having the same interest would be targeting your business/page, depending on the market.

An appeal is concluded by collecting data of users like apps they use regularly and pages they like. Facebook gives a range of interests to get a broader audience.

Facebook Custom Audience:
A Facebook custom audience is probably the best way to generate leads. This is the ideal way to get a targeted audience on your page.

Facebook gives different variants to use this function. The custom audience is based on your choice.

You can upload additional files related to your targeted audience, which will help Facebook to gather the perfect audience for your page.


The following are some general steps to create a custom Facebook audience:

  1. Choose the Custom Audience.
  2. Choose “Customer File.”
  3. Add or Import the file.
  4. Choose the identifier of your choice.
  5. Upload the file.
  6. Give it a name.



Generate Leads through Instagram

Instagram is a famous social platform that allows users to connect with other users.

But now thousands of small businesses are growing under the shadow of Instagram. Instagram now has approximately 1.1B users.

This engagement level makes this platform best to generate leads.

Here are some practical ways to generate leads through Instagram:

Use Trending Hashtags
Hashtags play a pivotal role in the social world. They are crucial to growing your audience through Instagram.

The perfect use of the ideal hashtag can lead your product to a perfect audience. Instagram allows 30 hashtags to use in a single post.

Some other social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn also use hashtags. But the impact of accurate hashtags on Instagram is significant.

Post Regularly
Consistent posting is the key to a perfect audience.

Regular posting helps you to grow your audience.

Posting 2-3 posts a day boosts your profile a lot.

Instagram has no algorithm for degrading low posts.

So, we would suggest you to keep posting as much as you can.

Always link to your website
There is no use of Instagram audience if you don’t connect it with your website or online store. As we said, you should be posting consistently to grow your audience.

Never forget to paste your website’s link in your post. This helps a lot to generate more leads.

For example, if there are thousands of clicks on your post, at least 100 people will visit your website. This technique helps you to grow your website traffic.

If you are selling a product online – don’t forget to paste your store’s link in every post you share. In 2020 and all this quarantine, Instagram has emerged as a great marketing and socializing platform.


Generate Leads through Twitter

If you are trying to grow your audience through Twitter, this section of the article will show you some steps to improve your user experience. Follow these steps to enhance and generate more leads through Twitter:

Follow Relevant People
A strong profile always attracts the audience.

First of all, you need to build your profile according to your requirement.

Write a strong bio and upload an engaging photo. This helps to attract more visitors.

To grow your audience through Twitter, you need to connect with relevant people. Search for people with the same interest and follow them.

As a result, they would follow you back. In this way, you can create a strong profile.

Keep Tweeting Engaging Stuff
Keep tweeting regularly.

But your stuff should be entertaining and engaging.

Look at what is trending and make an exciting post about it. It could be news, an event, or a football match – never let your profile go outdated.

Be a part of your audience. Try to engage with them in every possible way. Engaging with the audience helps you to increase your website’s traffic.

You can also use different tools like Hootsuite or Buffer – these tools can help you to schedule your posts.

Never forget to use some pictures and videos in your tweets. The Twitter audience is more attracted to graphical tweets as compared to textual tweets.



Businesses are now digitalized. Thousands of companies are currently prevailing online. You should use social media platforms to generate leads and grow the audience. Be consistent and stay connected with technology.


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