Lockdown Digital Marketing Strategy You Can Explore Like Doraemon Travel to 500 Countries At Anytime

During this lockdown period, it’s incredibly tough for any businesses to sustain their manpower, goods and materials, rental deferment, scale of sales, digital marketing expenses and among others.

Although with the help of the government in reducing our burden through subsidies, loans, personal moratorium and others, this is just one small part that is able to help us to ease our burden. But climbing back the mountains after this avalanche, solely depends on our willpower. For some, it may need to dip into their coffers just to keep the business (vehicle) running. While we are in the mixed emotions of gratefulness, blame, sadness, and possibly some joy, please remember that this is a global problem.



We are caught between crossfires of virus pandemic and economic climate at the same time. It feels like a game and wanting to hit the reset button. This is like Battling in the North we versus the nightwalkers (invisible enemy).

The dependency on the US economy will likely affect the global financial system if the economy in the US collapses, or at least their $2 trillion dollars is depleted. So, there is a lot to think about for the later aftermath.

Recovering and rebuilding will be the hardest part, and like what most people hope that the second wave will not occur, scientists must also be able to find and test firmly on the vaccine for the sake of the long run.


Reopening Business

The aim now is to sink the curve like Titanic into a negative zone (or zero) and no reactivation.

Rushing towards business reopening may result in all efforts thus far falling back to square one. Support in every way from our government puts a test in every part of us being an ethical citizen. Well, if they are serious, we have to follow (oftentimes). If they make jokes, we just laugh, but don’t go against any protocol for the sake of others safety.


Tapping Opportunities

While steps and guidelines are closely measured by our government, we as a business owner can look for what opportunities we can find in the virtual arena. If your business falls under these five categories, perhaps you can explore these few strategies and see if it can somehow improve your current situation or probably find your opportunity door like Doraemon.

That being said, if you are in Tyres or Automobile Servicing business during this lockdown order, vehicles on road seem lesser, however vehicles online may seem different.


Download these 5 Steps Digital Marketing Strategy and see if it works for your business.

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