Online Store Design and Ecommerce Trends is Challenging Web Design Companies to Speed Up!

The idea behind the e-commerce concept is to enable customers to buy your product through an online store and expect it to be delivered to them in front of their doorstep.

Whether you are selling dim sum, chocolate cake, mee hoon goreng, nasi kerabu or homemade soap, everything can be sold online. Over the years, we see many rising offline retailers are capitalising the online market, screaming through social media and funnelling customers to their online store and converting sales like crazy!

To determine that your online store can really sell, it would depend on how well your online store is designed or presented. If you already have a website, there are two things you should consider right now; redesign your website UX to an online store and upgrade payment facilities for your customer.

Having said that, here are some ever-growing e-commerce trends that every professional web design company must include into their benchmark;

Responsive Web Design

According to, over 64 percent of Malaysians complete their buy through mobile devices. The highest being Indonesia with a staggering 80 per cent domination. The consumer shift is real as the smartphone life is becoming part of the undetachable psychological needs now.

Henceforth, a website (upgraded online store) must be completely mobile responsive to cater to ever-growing shopping experience for your visitors. Promote your best product on the first page, add a Buy Now button and complete the checkout within 2 minutes. That’s how fast you can convert sales. After all, the sale is determined within one touch away. It’s right in your customer’s pocket.

A professional web design company must ensure this mobile responsive UX strategy is well-optimised.

Personalised Web Design Pages

Take time to craft the online store for your desired target audience. Say for example that your audience is young-female, below aged 30, single, vibrant characters and definitely a social wanderer, so your content and design should be modern contemporary and well accustomed to this target group.

The reason is simple; they should feel much more personalised and thus will be more fond to buy at your online store. There is simply no one-size-fit design for everyone like a Hard Rock cafe T-shirt. Your online store is a fashion statement on how well you dress and present your products to your customers.

One professional web design company should ensure that the design is addressed to your correct target audience with the correct message to maximise its conversion at the online store.

Social Media Screaming Power

Get fully on board into social media, and we meant all social media. Not just Facebook, but Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok and that’s good enough to create superhumanly powerful lungs, throat, and vocal cords that could produce a sonic scream for various effects, in concert with limited, reflexive psionic powers which direct sonic vibrations in the social landscape. You may reach up to 20 million active social media listeners in Malaysia.

Take full advantage of this and do not forget to include a ready-to-share Social Media button for every of your online store pages and products. This is important because you would only need to create once and so able to share through with a single click of a button.

The web design company you hired should be able to implant this into your online store.

Don’t (just) Play Play with Video

Get your customers to hook into your 2 minutes instant product feature video. Customers are more likely to view and buy your products with a video presentation as compared to just basic photos. If you have product video, you have the swag leading to better conversion — it’s a fashion statement.

Of course, the cost of making a video could be out of your budget. But just think about it, if you can just do two to three signature product videos, wouldn’t that be good if you can maximise the sales completely? The rest, you can work as an upselling approach.

A web design company with online store experience should be able to help you craft your content so that your customers are convinced to buy.


At the time of writing, the trend may change again, when Mark Zuckerberg decides to snap his finger like Thanos again and the whole Facebook Ads game is gone to reset.

Besides, the above-mentioned principles should be the benchmark for your online store. Contact your desired web design company, and discuss what you’d like to achieve for your business. Perhaps, you will need more than just four strategies.

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