Website Design Price Malaysia Affordable for Mid-Large Companies


If we take an Apple as an analogy to compare a website design, an Apple can have many types and with different grade quality. And with that comparison, surely it has different sets of pricing.

For example, Washington’s Apple from United States may just cost $1 per piece, but Fuji Apple from Japan may cost $8-$10 per piece.

Similarly, different quality grade websites – from low to average to high grade – each will have different prices. If we compare the Fuji Apple analogy, it’s equivalent to a high-grade website design, and this is usually known as bespoke or custom website design.

Bespoke websites require different skillsets and expertise, like professional web designer, website developer, website content writer, digital marketing expert, SEO specialist. 

Mid-large size web design Malaysia company will have all these experts in-house.

We WDD Malaysia as a web design Malaysia company, aim to deliver high grade websites with an affordable web design packages, that are able to add maximum value to your business.

Having said that, we tend not to focus too much on providing cheap web design services in Malaysia, but at the same time, you won’t need to pay or commit a high design cost for website services online.

Nevertheless, any web design Malaysia company has its own web design price and different types of website design styles. In Malaysia, there are many good web designers who can offer one-leg kick prices with free flow service. But ultimately comes down to taste, sustainability and the impact it brings – which is also highly dependable on the level of web design experiences and expertise.

Web design price in Malaysia is rather adjustable for large to small businesses. So here is the checklist of items on how you should evaluate the cost for your business website, the design cost, website development & functionality cost, SEO implementation cost, web hosting cost, price for different type of website, web maintenance per month or per year price and package price.


Domain Name

A domain name is a form of word or text that people type on their browser to search for your business. For example; or is called a domain name.

A domain name usually consists of your business name or brand name together with an extension like .com, or .my. 

This extension will distinguish whether your business is at the International level or local level Malaysia or both.

For an International domain name like .com, it can be purchased at, which usually cost around $10 to $100 if you are lucky, your domain name is still available.

If the domain name happens to be unavailable or has been used by other entity, therefore, we switch to a local domain name instead like

A local domain name can only be purchased by a Registered business in Malaysia or citizens of Malaysia only. The domain name in Malaysia price at RM80 for, and RM120 for .my domain name.

You can get it at Exabytes website, they usually have promotions for the local domains that eventually turn cheap. For instance, buy 2 years free 3 years yearly renewal. For us, that’s not just cheap, but a steal!


Website Hosting

When you start a new website, you’ll need a platform to host your contents, photos and the design for your website or a landing page. That platform is called website hosting. It’s an essential item and you’ll also need to pay for yearly renewal in order to keep it running.

For any template based website builder like Wix or Squarespace, these website builders usually come with hosting solutions where you easily create an account and publish your website without any basic design skills.

The one downside is you do not own the entire website source code – which means it’s not your website entirely. But nevertheless, it’s a cheap solution for beginners in digital business or students to try out things. Price ranges from $4.50 to $24.50 per month.

In most cases, businesses in Malaysia would like to have the full propriety of their website, in order to have full control over their online business. 

Therefore, to kickstart, you can opt for shared hosting, which usually cost from RM200 to RM600 per year which is good enough for micro-small business with low traffic expectation.

To accommodate larger traffics, we can opt for the VPS hosting or Dedicated Hosting which can serve large traffic, custom design web pages, SEO speed optimisation and build in more functions into the website to generate leads. This is more suitable for the Bespoke or Custom design website. The price can range between RM1,000 to RM4,000.

For this type of hosting, your data is usually hosted in Malaysia and the data centre in Cyberjaya and managed by local providers like IPserverone Sdn Bhd or Exabytes Sdn Bhd. 

Unlike Wix or Squarespace, your data is hosted in the United States or somewhere in APAC Singapore or Japan server.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search engine optimization is one of the essential parts of a website success. If it’s done right, your website can rank high or top page of the Google Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

SEO can be complicated when your website content is not well structured or lacks content. Nevertheless, both still require content optimization, which is also known as on-page SEO optimisation. To rank well globally, your website must rank well locally in Malaysia first – it goes without saying.

Google are more fond of websites that are niche in nature and provide value for the users, that is why you don’t see being ranked in Google, because their product range is broad and oftentimes scarce. High SEO ranking in Malaysia usually derives from these few factors;


a) Broad content

Each web page’s content must equally provide value for your customers.

b) Web Pages

The number of web pages will determine how broad your website will populate in the Google search engine. The more pages you have for your website, the broader your opportunities, which also means, more SEO keywords can be implemented.

c) Page Speed

If your website is slow, it will immediately hinder your customers search experience, and therefore, speed optimization is one the must-do for Google SEO. We use the free tool Google page speed insights to optimise the website SEO.

Above all, SEO services are usually provided by professional web design company. It is not a web designer or web developer job, but rather an SEO specialist who lives by Google lakeside and already has an SEO road map for success.

On top of web design price, the average SEO packages can range from RM500 to RM1,000 per month depending on the number of pages and keywords that needs SEO optimization.


One Page Web Design Malaysia

One page website is the most basic website type you can have, that just displays basic information like your company name, contact, location address, Google Map and etc.

One page website design Malaysia has the least value from a website development perspective, it serves no purpose and highly likely you’ll get zero sales.

This kind of website, usually cost around RM350 to RM1,000 if you hire a website designer for the job. Plus, SEO implementation may not be as effective as a full-scale website.

In most cases, a freelance website designer will usually turn down this job, as it contributes zero value to their portfolio, therefore, you may need to engage a website design company instead, where they have more versatile resources that can help you.

But if the package offered is above your budget, then you can always go for doing it yourself (DIY) via Google my business suite. It is a free service by Google with some functionality that may work for you.


eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is technically an online store where you can price your products to sell online. The 2 most important (game-changer) factor for an eCommerce website to be successful is the payment gateway options and web design user experience.


Payment Gateway

There are a few types of payment gateway that are widely used in Malaysia namely iPay88, eGHL and RazerPay. Each offers multiple payment options or integrated solutions like Online Banking, Credit Card, GrabPay, OTC (7Eleven), eWallet (TNG) and even PayPal.

The instalment payment services that are trending in Malaysia seems to pick up at a fast pace. Companies like Atome offer 3 months’ instalments while PayLater with 4 months’ instalments. This is a game changer for your customers.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay is also catching up in the payments market in Malaysia, as most iPhone users now can integrate their cards into the Apple Pay ecosystem.

Yearly renewal costs for each payment gateway service can vary from RM300 to RM800 per year depending on which packages you choose. Whereas, for us, the setting up cost will likely be free as it is part of our eCommerce website design package and services.


Ecommerce Web Design Services

There are several types of eCommerce website design styles (Made in Malaysia) that you can opt for, the better your design the better your sales and marketing opportunities.

Customers love nice-looking and easy-to-navigate websites that offer the best online shopping experience. The price must be competitive nonetheless.

For businesses that have less than 5 products or a beginner in the eCommerce business, can go for a basic store design first. Basic store design can range from RM1,020 to RM5,256 per year and can be subscribed at Sitegiant. Example of a bicycle shop eCommerce web design done with Sitegiant

However, if you are one of those business owners that experience high competition in your marketplace, especially in Malaysia, then you may need to consider going for a design with a more premium look and feel. Thus, it will make you look different compared to your competitors. The design cost for this is slightly higher which requires a web designer and the price could range between RM8,000 and RM12,500.

When you engage a web design Agency in Malaysia, they usually will craft ideas and provide you full services for your online business. Example of an eCommerce website design by a web design Malaysia agency –

Lastly, if you want something totally different and unique for your brand, you can opt for a custom eCommerce website design that is uniquely designed for your brand only. Cost may vary from RM15,000 to RM50,000, depending on the complexity of the ecommerce functionality and the depth of the design style.

For this case, it may involve more than 1 website designer or a bigger team. Due to the nature of this job scope, you can always implement a content management system to self-manage in the future. Example of custom eCommerce Web Design by Web Design Agency Malaysia –


Web Pages

Unlike a landing page/one-page website, successful websites usually have many web pages crawling around the search engine. More web pages on your website means better chances of your website ranking higher on Google. SEO plays an important role here.

The price for a single web page can usually range between RM200 and RM1,000, depending on how deep the page website is being designed or developed. Usually for us as a web design agency, we can package this under one web design cost project – a more affordable price plan.


Template Website

There are many web design packages being offered in Malaysia that can help propel businesses quickly. One of them is the template website design package, where you can choose from different types of pre-design styles that you like, and then hire a web designer to populate the content for you. Or you can try doing it yourself via a content management system like WordPress.

It is probably the fastest way to launch an average new website that could have all the SEO functionality being implemented at the same time.

The price for this template website design can range from RM3,000 to RM8,000, depending on the number of web pages you required for your website. In this case, web maintenance services can also be cheap, ranging from RM300 to RM700 per year, and you’ll get all the best web designers from the company.


Custom Website

Custom website design can be sophisticated yet unique in its design characteristics. Its motive is usually to drive sales and empower brands to communicate with their audience at the highest level.

Custom website design usually involves more than one web designer and more often than not, a digital marketing expert may come into the picture as well.

There are a few angles usually a web design company will look out for most notably, its SEO implementation, bespoke design, page speed optimization, copywriting & content management, Google map, and CMS setup for easy maintenance.

Unlike template based website, this type of website design is usually suitable for Medium to Large size companies who already has a website running.

And if you are running a digital marketing campaign, whether it’s on social media, SEO marketing, email marketing services, or any other digital services, it is highly recommended to implement a custom website design to capture attention.

The pricing for custom website design may be above average, as it requires for more service time from various skillsets. Plus, you can add lots of different functionality for marketing purposes. Therefore, the price can range from RM20,000 to RM100,000.


Web Maintenance

81% of customers will turn to your competitors if your website is not updated to the current status quo. For example, a restaurant website may have the same menu but could have promotions per month or festival basis.

Therefore, providing updated info is a gesture of good service, and it should be free.

You may need CMS to update the content or hire a web design company to do regular content maintenance on your website. Web maintenance prices usually start from RM500 to RM1,500, depending on the number of page updates and frequency.

Under the same web package, we also provide social media updates or lead management services at an affordable price.


Website Design Price in Malaysia

While there are many successful websites that are built in Malaysia, it is important to know that we pay for the right services. Web design Malaysia pricing is actually very affordable compared to other countries.

As much as possible, avoid building a landing page if you are a corporate enterprise but instead map out a good digital user experience journey for the website. Make sure your customers are able to reap as many values after browsing through your website.


Malaysia Price for Web Designers

Web design Malaysia is probably the most cost-effective method to hire web designers or web developers as compared to skillsets in the United States or the UK.

The local sentiment and insights really matter when comes to designing your website, and most importantly they can communicate well, to address your points and input. Clear communication is the key to website design success.



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