It’s For The People, Malaysia Web Design Targets Emotion To Win Customers

When it comes to Malaysia Web Design it gets very emotional and oftentimes dramatic. Not because we have different sets of web design principals to work with, but instead our audience based are well vast across the digital stream. We have so many ethnics, religions, races, languages, dialects and all harping under the same motherland. #negaraku

Luckily enough we are bind with two common languages; English and Bahasa Malaysia. Delivering a message can be a pain sometimes, as the meaning may differ from one language to another. In this article, we will elaborate more on how we can use emotional web design to create a lasting impression, enhance user experience and drive conversions, as part of Malaysia web design SOP (so-called).

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Emotion in Malaysia Web Design really matters, but why?

Did you know that 94% of users’ first impression starts with your web design? Undoubtedly, this is a key pain point in Malaysia web design process, whereby emotion plays a big role in your site’s conversion process.

Understanding users’ emotions and incorporating empathy into your design allows you to foster relationships that are long-lasting, allowing people to feel more comfortable working with you on business.

Without emotion and empathy, creativity will not thrive, and visitors will be less likely to convert and become your customers.


4 Tips You Need to Know, to Handle Emotional Malaysia Web Design

Now let’s dive straight into the deep water (four tips) for incorporating the design elements that appeal to visitors’ emotions and to better match their needs.

1. Go deep and develop User Personas

Whenever we are starting a new web design project (small or large), we usually start by researching on the client’s users, analysing the SWOT and outline the end goals we need to meet for the project. This can be easily done by accessing the current website Google analytics and look into the demographics and behaviours. With these data, you can start building the new Audience Personas.

In Malaysia web design, we have to look from multiple angles as our audience personas are widely diversified. We have to understand the user’s standpoint, putting ourselves in their shoes.

While pretending to be the end-user, we usually run through the following steps when designing a website;

1. Land on the website with a specific objective (e.g, to buy a tour package)

2. Take note of every emotional point and how I react while browsing through the website.

3. Ask ourself, does this website provide any value to me (the end-user).

4. Identify any hiccups, roadblocks that prevent me from buying or submit a contact form.

5. Repeat the same steps for Mobile and Tablet, meanwhile, evaluate the user experience for both the devices. Oftentimes, desktop and mobile are different expectations.

6. Pinpoints any unclear information or any key elements that can be improved.

7. Then, repeat these same steps with the competitor website and jot down the important points throughout the browsing experience.

Understanding from the users perspective will have more qualitative and competitive analysis that have a better appeal to their needs and emotions.


2. Create an E-Survey, Online.

E-Survey is a very useful technique when you want direct feedback from end-users about their needs and emotions your site evokes. We usually pair this with the User Personas feedback from the end-users to create good start for Malaysia web design project plan.

Before you start thinking about the questions you want to ask your users, you must first be very clear to identify the goals of your research.

Here are some of the questions outline;

1. What do you want to know when this survey completes?

2. Why do you want to know it, and what are the proves you need?

3. How can I anticipate the outcome?

4. Where do I analyse my answer that seeks more details of my answers?

5. What are the additional factors that I need to take into account?

You can easily set up user surveys using an online platform like Survey Monkey. Once these responses are collected, you can compare the feedbacks from different backgrounds, identify opportunities and would meet users’ needs with a Malaysia web design.


3. Conduct Preference Tests

Next, Preference Tests help you tap into audience insights and emotions to refine your web design. This is like dipping your finger the flavoury salsa sauce, tasting it before serving out on the table.

Let’s say you started your web design project after conducting initial research, and you’ve entered the wireframing or prototyping phase. If you would like to get feedback on your prototypes, quick Preference Tests are the most cost-effective way to get insights from fresh eyes.

Usually, we will seek inter-departments within the organisation and a set of a focus group that is ready for some Masterchef action.


4. Add Informative and Persuasive Contents

This last tip is not about testing, but instead putting more time to pay attention to the details of the Malaysia web design expectations. Tension may arise and would produce resistance when the website is lacking;

a) Informative, assurance and persuasive contents

b) Visual security and safety points

c) Social proof

d) A clear call to actions (CTA) /buttons.

e) Language barrier upon landing

Identifying these areas of tension, you can start outlining how to address the users’ concerns and help them feel more confident doing business with you. Although some say its only business, it gets really personal at some point.


Start improving your Malaysia Web Design project!

Building websites for Malaysian’s can be very interesting but at the same time challenging. Especially when emotions and empathy have to be factored in many aspects.

If you need help building a Malaysia web design or simply freshen its UX design, WDD Malaysia is happy to help. Contact us today and our web design expert will connect with you.

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