Gorgeous Web Design Colour Scheme That Invokes Website Effectiveness

In web design and branding process, choices of colour scheme usually have a significant effect on how it can influence the audiences.

According to Buffer, over 90% of our assessment of a product is made on colour alone.

So spending time on selecting the right colour scheme during the web design process, will determine how effective the website will be. There is a high possibility that if we don’t like a particular colour palette, we are not going to stick on the website for long.

Facts: Did you know why Facebook is Blue? — Because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind! As he wrote: “Blue is the richest colour for me; I can see all of blue” — Which also explains why every day is a Monday to him.

Colour is also linked to psychology. It triggers different sense and feelings each time we see a different type of colour. For example, when we see a green colour usually makes us calmer and more relaxing, while red will trigger confidence, blue enforce trustworthy and purple foster loyalty — to name a few.

The meaning behind it should also correlate with your brand identity. A web design company will look into your primary brand colour and will try to create a semantic colour scheme with the web design trends.

The advantage of having a website is that you can set your own colour tone that reflects how you want your visitors to feel.


Key Takeaway

You should have a colour palette for your website and all your branding materials. Making a good decision at the beginning will pave the way to make your visitors feel good about you.

Hire a web design company that helps suggest the colours that can impact your business. Contact WDD Malaysia today.


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