Custom Website vs Template Website

The primary objective for a professional and creative web designer is to win the hearts of the users by providing them with the best user-experience design and produce artwork that is refreshing, new and creative.

With these objectives in place, they are on the path of a trust-building relationship with the users.

A Web Designer usually builds websites with either these 2 approaches, depending on your budget and business requirements.

1.  By using a Website Template, like Wix.

2. By hiring them (web designer) to create a Custom Design.

So which approach is suitable for you? See the comparison below.


Template Web Design

Website template is a built-in design in which a user just need to add details which they need in their websites.

The most common is to make a website with WordPress or with Wix. You just have to choose a template of your choice which suits your business. Some of the services are free while some of the services are paid monthly, quarterly or on yearly subscriptions basis.

For quick and easy website building people use services like WordPress, Wix or other site building services.


Custom Web Design

In custom website design, you have to hire a professional website designer from a well-known company.  Professionals will have a meeting with you to know your requirements about your website development. They will ask you about the navigation pattern for your website and they will  make sure that your users will have good experience of your website. You must assure, that web developers are using  best practices of SEO for your website.

Most probably they will use by themselves, if not, then you may add into your requirements that to use best practices of SEO for your website.

You are the final authority who will decide that how your website will behave if you do not have enough expertise than leave it to the experts. You just tell them your requirements. Experts will take care of your website.

Once you have created your website from a professional then you do not have to take care of your website.

Experts will update your website, save your website from hacking, they will make sure that your website do not slows down and take care of many other services they will provide.

Do you want your website to be effective?

These two methods have pros and cons, so in order to use website designs it is important to know them.


Pros and Cons of Custom Websites vs. Website Template

Website Templates

Design: What You See is What You Get

In the case of website templates, it is easy to choose a template from different templates according to your needs but you will not be able to change the layout or structure.

Colors or fonts can be changed. You will be lucky if you find your desired template or a template matching your business.


1.  Affordable & Shorter Development

It is an excellent opportunity for start-up companies or small companies with a low budget. 


2.  Limited Customization

As discussed earlier that companies who are just new or introducing their new businesses or may be want to use the website for blogging, then it is the best option for them to use website templates.

If the website template is non-responsive then it takes a lot of effort, time and money to convert it into responsive website and to run the website on mobile or tablet.

Do you want experts to help you?


Custom Websites

1.  Unique Design

Custom designs are always unique as you design them or hire a professional to design it for you to represent your business company. The culture of your company is represented through your website and every company has a unique culture.

Therefore, you must have perfect website.

By using custom website designs you are free to express your love and belongingness to your users.


2.  Socialbility, Flexibility, Manageability

You can expand or contract a custom website according to your needs. You can contact your web developer at any time to make any changes or to get help in managing the website.

There is a possibility that a web developer comes to you with a brilliant change in your website that affects your business positively.

A custom website is always expandable.


3.  Up-to-Date Code and SEO

A good and pure professional web development company constantly update their code and find new ways to increase users/traffic to the websites they build. They always look for new SEO practices.


5.  Support From Skilled Developers

Skilled developers will be supporting you when you relates yourself to the firm which develops custom design website. Usually, you will be in contact with the company through email or through the mobile phone.

They will not hesitate to help you out in fixing a bug or any other issue you find in your website. Maybe they will charge for this fixing.


6.  More Expensive and Takes Longer to Develop

Custom websites are very expensive to build you must have at least $3000 to get your website done.

But it will be less customised, your website will not be of that quality.

You must have a budget of $3000 to $5000 to get a more professional and customised website. It depends on your budget, your type of business and on your liking and disliking of website design. As it is discussed earlier that this custom web designing is a time taking process.

Therefore, the time frame for developing a custom website design is minimum 4 weeks depending on the content, functionality, and the number of pages.

The maximum it takes is 12 weeks.



There is a famous proverb that “a man is known by a company he keeps”. Thus this proverb can be molded as “a company is known by a website it keeps”.

Therefore, choose your website template wisely or contact a professionals to be known well in the market.