Why Website is Serious for Home Improvement SME Industry

Do you know why home improvement businesses are such a good idea during these days? It’s because when you upgrade your home, your house becomes significantly more valuable for you. You get to appreciate your luxury time, you feel more at rest when your house is functional and aesthetically beautiful.

But for some reason, even the most creative interior designers find it hard to look for clients and that’s because they’re missing a website. And it’s just such a waste not to put a good idea into the internet. If you are in the home improvement business, you’ve probably seen your competitors have their own websites.

In fact, some interfaces are so jaw-dropping and persuasive. That’s because there’s a web design company behind it. In most cases, and if you have no background with websites, a web designer can take care of turning your vision into a website. All you need to do is to hire one.

So, if you are still weighing your options and thinking twice regarding having a website for your home improvement business, let us enlighten you on why your business needs one.


Brand Showcase

Building your brand probably took you months, if not years, to build. And if you don’t have a website, there’s no way to express your home improvement style.

Showcasing your business covers several aspects. First, it shows your site visitors the core values of your brand.

Second, it gives them a feel of your professional personality. For instance, if you are a minimalist, you can easily ask a web designer to create a minimal interface so it can attract like-minded individuals like you. That way, it’s easier to book clients who you can satisfy. This is called Niche Marketing.

It’s always best to have a website built around a particular set of ideas provided by you rather than just a template available online. The latter is risky because someone could have the same website as yours and that’s not good for your reputation.


Better User Experience

One of the struggles of home improvement businesses is explaining a certain project to a client. Not unless changes have been made in the actual home, the client will have a very difficult time visualizing the end result.

So for better user experience, you’re going to need a feature that helps your client to digitally design their house.Some businesses will feel like a virtual experience like this is an over functionality but not for a home improvement business like you.

You need this feature because we’re talking about big and expensive renovations and you need a platform to show the dry-run for these changes.


Portfolio Viewing

The most effective way to prove your expertise is through a gallery of your works. Because of how easy it is to navigate through websites, people may even view your work even through their mobile. Potential clients may just swipe left and right to check for your past works.

Also, a web designer will set this up for you but every time you want to add something new, you can easily just upload it on the website through admin login.


Payment Platform

People go cashless nowadays because almost everyone has Paypal or bank accounts that they use to make a purchase. You can make sure that a booking will push through by having a payment option embedded on your website. This way, your clients may easily make a payment that will go directly to your bank account.

This feature works even if you’re asleep which is great because the website is basically going to run the business for you! Amazing, isn’t it?


Appointment Setting

Another important feature for a home improvement business is to have an interactive calendar. This lessens the time you spend talking to your client regarding your availability. You can just easily open schedules through the calendar and they can just choose a date and time that suits them, too.

This also enables you to avoid double bookings.



As you’ve probably seen on other websites, a “blog” tab is available where you can see different types of content for a company. This may be videos, articles or even podcasts! Essentially, the content you upload is for the purpose of showing your client a more interesting side of your company.

A great idea would be to do time-lapse videos of home transformations to show what goes on behind the scenes.

People love watching those because they’re so satisfying! You can also write blog type articles about how you started, your struggles as a business owner or anything you feel that is home improvement related. A blog section “humanizes” your website and gives rise to a better connection with your audience.


Catching Up with the Competition

Needless to say, because everybody can be found online, you have to step up and be on the world wide web, too. There are countless home improvement contents out there. There are photos on Pinterest, videos on YouTube, Social Media pages and more. All of which may be embedded to a single platform which is your website. This is how you can show your clients that you are up to the challenge and that you are better than the competition.

Because the reality is, would you hire someone to do changes on your home if they’re not confident? I don’t think so!

Getting your own website isn’t just about gloating or showing the world who you are and what your business it.

It is a great tool to measure your success through the numbers your website will show such as the number of sales, how much profit you’ve gained on a specific period of time, the number of people who visit your website and whatnot.

If you think of it, a website is like having a virtual assistant that is there for you 24/7. And you don’t need to spend as much as compared to an actual employee that you need to hire. In the end, a website helps you save money and earn more profit.

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