4 Reasons Behind A Successful Landing Page

A successful landing page reflects the application of 80/20 rule, but nevertheless don’t get confused with a Landing Page Design over a Website Design.

A landing page is bounded by its own specific goal which oftentimes is to convert visitors to customers, whereas a website will have information about the nature of your business, backgrounds, products, services and contact point.

Any successful web design company based in Malaysia will be able to distinguish and breakdown your contents based on your objective and conversion-based optimisation best practices.

Here we outline the 4 things you can do with a Landing Page that could improve your business presence and digital marketing.


Sell A Product / Service

If you have a special product or services that just launched or have a large inventory for stock clearance, creating a landing page with a specific funnel strategy will help you sweep your warehouse in no time.

Its purpose is to skip the fluffy stuff and dive in straight to the treasure chest. Of course, you need a serious powerhouse of persuasive strategy, which means including key elements like videos, testimonials, ad copy and probably a payment checkout facility.


Push Search Ranking

While your website already has tons of pages that help in your search engine ranking, having multiple landing pages will boost your ranking.

Landing pages usually have higher traffics due to paid advertising traffic and while passing this link juices to your principal website, it will, therefore, skyrocket your ranking!

However, don’t just create a landing page just for the sake of ranking. Instead, each landing page should have an adequate amount of traffics in order to make it relevant to the search engine.


Social Media Advocate

Landing Page best friend is Social Media (just like Batman and Robin). When your active social pages have a strong followers base, leading them to a landing page is like pulling the large crowd into a particular VIP lounge for special services and treatment.

Therefore, it feels much more intimate, personalised and there is a higher chance of getting your sales over the roof. But of course, your product matching and audience targeting should make sense. Attempt to target baby milk products to the male audience will result in money burning in ash without knowing why.

The performing and common social media channels that you can explore with a Landing page are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Digital Marketing

Don’t discount the fact on digital marketing strategy, is also important to use a Landing Page. You can analyse the performance, obtain good data points, and exploiting creativity is limitless.

You can also do things like Ebook download, E-Survey, or Live Auction with payment gateway checkout features — all happen in a click.

Your sign up or subscription rates will see a dramatic increase, and it is also an ethical way to buildup database for your future marketing purposes.



A website should have multiple landing pages apart from its core web pages information about your business. That way, customers journey would have a very clear and distinct path. Thus, improve in user-friendly web experiences.

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