CORONAVIRUS: Businesses That Thrive Through a Website and Digital Marketing During this Pandemic

While many businesses are hurting during the coronavirus pandemic, some small companies rose to the occasion and scraped new opportunities through the website and digital marketing.

With the Malaysia government trying to manage the coronavirus spin-offs, u-turns, roundabouts, kesana kesini, many people have gotten used to staying safe at home and adjusted to the new norms.

Many stories from businesses concerning close down or laying off staff, some small businesses just have the wits to turn things around and have seen an uptick in demand amid this coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, the online channel is flooded with all sorts of creativity and it should come as no surprise that some traditional businesses have seen success in this new landscape as well. Particularly those businesses that contribute to “social distancing” themselves help people stock up for eating and drinking at home are primary examples.

Here’s a list of small business types that are seeing business boom during the coronavirus pandemic through the website and digital marketing.


Fitness Companies

With many gyms closed across the country, Malaysians have turned to home gyms in order to help them stay fit during this COVID-19 crisis. While yoga mat purchases are likely the number one purchase for many working out at home, other fitness products are seeing success.

Fitness coaches that offer internet-connected classes are undoubtedly thriving. By using the Zoom app, they can instantly connect to all their students remotely. Not to mention, there is no heavy maintenance, no traveling time, and everything can be recorded for exclusive members to view again.


Dental and Clinics

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many people would rather choose to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary, and they certainly do not want to go to a medical clinic where the risk of contracting this coronavirus is high.

Local dentists, doctors and telehealth companies are turning online to do their consultation. Some even have the common FAQ landing page on their website for their patients to easily find a quick remedy for minor medication issues. To butter up, doctors even created vlog to answer some common questions. The game has changed!


Liquor and Wine Stores

All bars and restaurants are closed in Malaysia due to this COVID-19, there is a significant drop in terms of direct alcohol consumption, and now everyone can officially drink responsibly at home.

Local liquor and wine stores have dramatically increased in sales. In fact, some stores are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand. With the cost of fuel being so cheap and delivery services being broadly available, those stores with large inventory can certainly reap these benefits.

One local store Raymond Liquor & Wine says that customers are buying in mass hysteria, fearing that they’ll get fully locked down and some people also buying liquor to make hand sanitiser.


Catering and Meal Services

Homemade or top brands meal preparation services have their demand skyrocket! This is due to people now spending full time at home and zero time at restaurants. There are many new homemade catering services that serve only a small perimeter and also see the increase in demand.

Customers can order through the website, and the website can detect their location to work out delivery charges. One local service Amirah Kitchen tied up with Foodpanda and Grabfood for the delivery services.

And to make a better profit margin they too started a website themselves with payment facilities, shipping calculation and products for customers to order from them directly. They even have small fleets of knight riders to deliver the product to maximise the profits.



It is imperative to take action online during this COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is focused, demand is high, and there is every reason to shift the business fully online.

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