5 Untapped Million Dollars Website & Digital Marketing Strategy

Your first step to determine success with a website and digital marketing is to showcase some Insta worthy photos while you are at home, publish to your new website and tell Google to SEO it. #stayathome #stayproductive

Whilst the country is still in lockdown order (MCO) and possibly seeing another extension amid the curve has yet to get flatten or dip down into a negative zone.

For many of us now, more time than ever we spend on Netflix, YouTube, Facebook or perhaps searching for some dojo-class to hone our skills ready for the next set of post-lockdown aftermath (that includes some cooking class submission to Fail-army).

With so much attention being shifted online — at least 80% of our active time is now spent on the internet — it is no doubt that this new norm is also blending into a new digital habit.

If you are looking to monetise your website, now is really the best time.

Pushing through your products online and making it rise above the ground is no easy task now. Only the best and bold ideas win! By simply giving a 20% discount will not cut the meat.

On the other side, looking for a spotlight for your brand seems like you may have reached towards the end of the tunnel. Winter will never fail to turn into spring. If you are in the service business, now is the time to get yourself published and rise within Google search engine rank.

People are constantly searching through Google to find a new information and browsing through Facebook waiting for good feeds more than ever before. And if you think Facebook is the only digital channel you can do online business and advertising, then you are WRONG!

As a matter of fact, there are tons of digital channels you can explore but it is usually undercapitalized, although you may have just stuck with 1-2 channels before. If you have an incremental growth for that channel then good for you, but if you want exponential growth, do consider these 5 profitable channels instead;

Ready? Fasten your seat belt!


1. Retarget on Facebook

If you are doing Facebook ads, don’t stop. While there are too many ads wandering around, the good news is lots of them are not so polished. To stand out and make your ads more effective than ever, consider getting your Ads designed more creatively.

Be super laser focused on your targeting on who you really want to target. Make sure whatever ads you have published, do set a measurable goal and lead them back to your website. With this mindset instilled, you can now start working on your retargeting strategy.


2. Instagram Stories

The audience on Instagram that you are targeting should only tap on this age group, between 20-29. Consider working with micro-influencers which have a follower base of 5000 or less, so that you both can leverage on mutual business benefits during this tough period.

Extend your ads to Stories and make it as creative as possible. Instagram is the fastest way to push new products and get people to notice for less cost. Again, be very laser sharp on your product-audience targeting to save up cost while enjoying the better cost per conversion.


3. Google Ads

For some industries the cost per click may have skyrocketed during this period. Over the past 2 years, Google Ads cost has bloated up to 224%, and this tells us that the competitions are very stiff in the Google ranking arena.

This channel has become expensive yet still outrageously effective. Only players with a high budget are able to join the rank of its “fine diners” club. If you plan to build a prestige or a premium brand, Google Ads is the best table to double your bets. The challenge however, you must have at least a custom design level website and all Google compliances are well optimised according to its standards.

Getting a Wix site or instant-curry-flavoured template website will definitely compromise your conversion value. Hence, you will pay more ads money for lesser conversion.


4. The SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

The key to triumph in this arena is Patience + Speed. And that’s how true gems are formed. Search Engine Optimisation is the ultimate gem you must possess and to imbue with your legendary weapon (website). You may have already spent an enormous amount for your website, Facebook ads, Google ads, but if your rank doesn’t move up, then you are winning the battle but losing the war.

SEO is a generous long term battle. It’s like Obama planning for his 2nd term presidency immediately after getting elected in 2008. The more effort you put now, the future deems solid for you.

Whilst building your website, make use of the popular keywords, good search volume keywords and build the pages around these keywords that you want to rank.

Do perform competitive analysis research on the competitor’s keywords, website and their existence in digital. Other than a mobile responsive and beautifully done website, it must also have the meta-robots SEO comply with search engine standards and creative ways that tell Google to outrank your competitors.


5. Email Marketing

By now, if you have done the above 4 tactics, you should have a good decent list of customer databases. The open rate for emails now is 6x higher than ever before.

Nevertheless, the objective should not be closing a deal via email, but to provide good information about your business status (ie. blogs) and keeping your customers connected with you is key during this period. That is of course, if you have some good offers, then by all means send it over.

Create a few headlines, different permutations of your email contents and most importantly get it AUTOMATED. Create a workflow with set objectives like; getting prospects to call, getting video conference, or probably asking for quotation.



So there you go. All 3 generations of the audience are now united online; Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z. The best part, it’s worldwide.

So which digital channel will you like to explore next?

We are happy to help in any ways we can, please feel free to contact us WDD.MY anytime.


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