The Secret Recipe Web Design to Promote Your Restaurant Online That Makes Your Competitors Jump!

First of all, it can be a daunting task to advertise your restaurant online. Especially when you’ve just broken the bank for renovation, menu design, food stocks, rental deposits, and probably some manpower to get things started.

However, if there are no foot traffics, the daily cost may also get quickly burned out. But fret not, here are some secret recipes that you can try to promote your restaurant online, get foot traffic and make your competitors jump!


The Secret Recipe #1 — Food Porn Photos

Food porn culture will prolong as long as cameras exist. As restaurants are getting more creative with their food crafts, it thus triggers higher demand for every foodie to show off.

Therefore, the fastest way to promote your restaurant and food crafts is through high-quality, slurping persuasive photos that even every fitness first person will call for a cheat day to visit your restaurant.

Upload these photos on your website and shout it on your Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or any social media platforms that invite hungry eyes.


The Secret Recipe #2 — Google My Business

Let Google mind your business. Beyond any perks available, Google My Business is becoming an important channel to industry-wide that helps locals discover businesses that are in their local area. It also helps customers make decisions with the ability to read reviews of past guests.

Let’s say you are in a Sushi business, by typing in “Sushi Restaurant Near Me” on Google mobile search, it will pop your restaurant for those who are searching around your area.


The Secret Recipe #3 — Run A Contest

Another great way is to run a contest and build your own online community. Get your customers to share photos through social media of their favourites dish/meal at your restaurant and reward them with some appetizers (ie. cakes/coffee/ice-cream) for their little effort.

This is free media and it shows that you appreciate your customers, while turning them into repeat customers.


The Secret Recipe #4 — Get an Influencer Outreach

Whether you are a new restaurant or slowing down due to some reasons, getting influencer outreach is another powerful way to generate interest online for your restaurant.

There are plenty of influencers or bloggers that have huge followers. Start engaging with a small followers base, because it is much easier to approach and once you have generated strong online presence, you can then aim for influencers with larger followers to increase your popularity.

Gently invite them for a food tasting appraisal event, treat them with your signature dish. Do it with an open heart, politely ask them for a genuine review and share with their followers.

Some may request for monetary value exchange, you can always consider it if your budget allows.


The Recipe #5 — Partner Up With Food Delivery Services

Partner up with food delivery services like Foodpanda, GrabFood, DeliverEat and many more.

Food delivery business has reached its peak service level and it is very reliable to use them now. The rise of “lazy to go out and eat” trend is largely due to hot weather or commuting time and has brought the significant impact on lesser foot traffic to the restaurant but business can still be growing. This is because the demand for online food delivery is tremendously booming!

Get yourself into these partnerships and witness your business grow.


The Secret Recipe #6 — Convert your Website into an Online Store

If you have a website, you should upgrade it to e-commerce capability, turning it to a complete online store; taking orders, receiving money and fulfilling orders on your own platform.

Getting orders through your online store is the best way to make your customers loyal to you. This gives you more control over the food that is ordered, kitchen preparation becomes more organised and higher margin for your online sales.



Try all these secret recipes and start feeling your top line growth. Besides, other than these uncommon digital strategies the secret recipe web design also plays an important role in the combination for better success rate. Getting a Restaurant Online Store is easy and affordable, with only from RM147 per month you can increase your business revenue.

Give it a shot. Contact WDD Malaysia for a free 30 mins consultation!


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