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In the dynamic world of coffee businesses, certain brands stand out for their unique approach to quality, affordability, and customer experience. This article delves into five notable coffee brands: ZUS Coffee, GIGI Coffee, HWC Coffee, Bask Bear Coffee, and Starbucks. Each of these brands brings a distinct flavour to the table, starting from their inception to their current global presence. By exploring their background, history, vision, mission, founders, signature products, and market approach, we gain insight into what makes each of these brands a preferred choice among coffee enthusiasts.

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ZUS Coffee

Background and History

ZUS Coffee, which started its journey in 2019, marked its presence in the coffee industry not through a physical store but as an innovative app. This approach was inspired by the founders’ personal quest to redefine specialty coffee. They envisioned a world where the luxury of specialty coffee was accessible to everyone, not constrained by high prices or location limitations.

The name ZUS Coffee is derived from a blend of ‘ZEAL’ and ‘US’, symbolising the founders’ enthusiasm and ambition. Their aim was to make specialty coffee a daily necessity accessible for all to enjoy. The company has seen significant growth since its inception, thanks to its unique approach and commitment to customer experience. Their business model, focused on leveraging technology to enhance accessibility and affordability, has played a crucial role in their success​​​​​​​​.

Vision & Mission

The mission is to deliver specialty coffee as a daily necessity for all to enjoy​​.


The founding team consists of eight co-founders with diverse backgrounds in coffee, e-commerce, finance, and marketing​​.

Signature Products

They offer a variety of over 47 drinks, sourcing unique coffee beans from Brazil FAF and roasting them locally​​.

Target Market Affordability

The brand is focused on making specialty coffee affordable for everyone by controlling the quality and price point​​.

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GIGI Coffee

Background and History

GIGI Coffee, a home-grown coffee company, began with the aim of spreading positive vibes by offering high-quality and affordable coffee to urbanites. The brand centers its mission on enhancing people’s days with great coffee and convenience. Believing that aromatic flavors connect people in unique and delicious ways, GIGI Coffee expands the concept of coffee on-the-go by integrating technology into its services.

Focused on delivering the best specialty coffee, GIGI Coffee emphasises quality and value. They use 100% Arabica beans, freshly roasted and ground, and offer a menu designed by passionate baristas. The brand collaborates with reputable coffee machine and ingredient suppliers and follows stringent quality control procedures.

Sustainability is a key principle at GIGI Coffee. The sourcing team works closely with farmers and farms to select coffee beans through ethical and sustainable practices, aiming to improve the welfare of those involved in the process “From Tree to Cup”. The team includes professionals like the Malaysia Barista Champion, a Licensed Q Arabica Grader, a Certified Coffee Roaster, and a Certified Barista Trainer, ensuring regular coffee cupping and laboratory analysis for consistent quality. All their coffee beans are certified with ISO22000, HACCP, and Halal, reflecting their commitment to quality and ethical standards​​.

Vision & Mission

The mission centres on spreading positive vibes and connecting people through great, aromatic coffee flavours​​.

Signature Products

They offer 100% Arabica coffee beans, freshly roasted and ground, with a versatile menu designed by passionate baristas​​.

Target Market Affordability

Focuses on ethical and sustainable practices and offers quality coffee beans certified with ISO22000, HACCP, and Halal​​.

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HWC Coffee

Background and History

HWC Coffee’s story began in 2016 with the collaboration of an enthusiastic coffee cupper, a green coffee buyer, and roasters. The name “HWC Coffee” is derived from chernozem or black soil, which is ideal for cultivating high-quality coffee beans. In its inaugural year, the company established three retail stores and a roasting factory, enabling full control over product development and achieving impressive annual sales.

By 2017, HWC Coffee expanded its operations by franchising, eventually opening up to 70 stores in Taiwan by 2022 and recording significant sales of drip bag coffee. The founder, Penny Lin, a SCA certified coffee cupper, is passionate about delivering high-quality coffee. She led the team to select the best specialty coffee beans from over 100 coffee species globally and established a specialty coffee plantation in Panama in 2017 to enhance the quality of their coffee beans. Their efforts culminated in finding the best recipe for bean roasting, allowing them to market their products in over 20 countries worldwide.

HWC Coffee emphasises a one-stop service approach, covering everything from production to sales with stringent quality processes. They aim to connect people with nature through coffee, reflecting the true value and economics of coffee. Environmental sustainability is a core principle, with the company adopting eco-friendly practices in their coffee farm and ensuring their products are sustainable and safe. Corporate social responsibility and land sustainability are also key focus areas for the company, underlining their commitment to building a better world through their business​​​​​​​​.

Vision & Mission

HWC Coffee’s mission is likely focused on providing high-quality coffee and expanding its global presence.

Signature Products

Specialises in coffee products with a focus on quality cultivation and roasting processes.

Target Market Affordability

The brand seems to target a diverse market with a focus on quality and international appeal.

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Bask Bear Coffee

Background and History

Bask Bear Coffee, a leading and fast-growing coffee brand in Malaysia, was founded by Bryan Loo, who is also the CEO of Loob Holding. Loob Holding is known for operating the Malaysian bubble tea chain Tealive, along with other ventures like WonderBrew and Sodaxpress. Bask Bear Coffee was born and brewed locally in Malaysia and draws inspiration from the Malayan Sun Bear, aiming to reflect diversity and vitality in every cup it serves.

The brand, known for serving high-quality, affordable, and convenient “Everyday Coffee,” has expanded rapidly. It operates over 200 virtual locations and 20 physical stores nationwide. Bask Bear Coffee opened its first store in October 2019 and has been on a growth trajectory, planning to expand its reach further within Malaysia.

Bryan Loo’s entrepreneurial journey with Bask Bear Coffee aligns with his larger vision of modernising beverage culture in Malaysia, similar to his success with Tealive. The brand’s emphasis on quality, affordability, and convenience has made it a popular choice among Malaysian coffee enthusiasts.

Vision & Mission

The brand’s mission is to keep the world diverse and alive through every cup they serve.

Signature Products

Known for its “Everyday Coffee” that is high quality, affordable, and convenient.

Target Market Affordability

Offers its products across 200 virtual locations and 20 physical stores, focusing on affordability and accessibility.

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Background and History

Starbucks made its debut in Malaysia on 17 December 1998, with the opening of its first store in KL Plaza, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This marked the beginning of Starbucks’ expansion in Malaysia​​​​​​.

The company is operated by Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd., a licensee of Starbucks Coffee International Inc., and is owned by Berjaya Food Berhad. Over the years, Starbucks has expanded significantly in Malaysia, now operating in all 11 states and three federal territories. As of now, there are more than 340 Starbucks stores throughout Malaysia, including 65 Drive-Thru stores and 14 Reserve™ stores​​​​.

In 2011, Starbucks introduced Starbucks VIA® in Malaysia, an instant and micro ground coffee option, reflecting the brand’s efforts to adapt to evolving global trends. Starbucks Malaysia has also embraced the drive-thru concept, which has been a part of their adaptation strategy​​.

Malaysia is home to the world’s first Starbucks Signing Store, located in Bangsar Village II, a testament to the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement​​.

Starbucks in Malaysia represents a successful blend of global branding and local adaptation, showing significant growth and innovation since its inception in the Malaysian market. The brand has become a favourite coffee spot for many Malaysians, integrating itself into the fabric of the local communities and contributing productively to the country’s coffee culture.

Vision & Mission

Starbucks aims to nurture human connection with every cup, conversation, and community interaction.

Signature Products

Known for its wide range of coffee products, Starbucks has become synonymous with the coffeehouse experience globally.

Target Market Affordability

While focusing on quality, Starbucks also aims to be accessible, with stores in thousands of neighbourhoods worldwide

Final Thoughts

ZUS Coffee, GIGI Coffee, HWC Coffee, Bask Bear Coffee, and Starbucks each illustrate a unique journey in the coffee industry. From ZUS Coffee’s tech-driven approach to Starbucks’ global coffeehouse culture, these brands have tailored their products and services to cater to diverse preferences and needs.

Their commitment to quality, combined with innovative strategies in marketing and service delivery, demonstrates the evolving landscape of the coffee industry. Whether it’s through a focus on affordability, sustainability, or luxury, each brand has carved a niche in the hearts of coffee lovers worldwide, contributing to a richer, more varied coffee culture.

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