Express Web Design Strategy That Suddenly Generate More Online Sales

At WDD Malaysia, our goal is always about driving real results on the website for our clients. That’s why from the beginning we aim to make the whole process as simple as possible for everyone and for you to start generating leads ASAP with our express web design strategy.

It’s a strategy that is applicable during difficult times to speed up the whole web design process, and we offer several pre-design templates ready to pick from (depending on your nature of business).

These pre-design templates are a custom-made engine that is designed with the goal of converting new leads, and mobile responsive. All visitors will have no problem browsing your website through the desktop or mobile — the experience is seamless.

Upon confirmation of the project with us, you’ll be assigned with a dedicated account manager to work with for the entire process, to discuss your pre-design strategy, site architecture, user experience design and conversion funnel. A few key details are also required from your sides; like logo, branding identity and product images during our discussions.

We target to launch your website within 10 days or less.

Our craftsmanship for this express web design strategy includes hosting, yearly maintenance, contents buildup to 10 pages and 3x custom lead forms that help you convert your visitors to customers.

This strategy also includes 8 design hours of customisation on the pre-design options colours, images, buttons and text to achieve a bespoke website looking that aligns with your brand.

The final product will reflect your brand image while providing your target audience with the information they are looking for.


5 Benefits you can reap immediately with Express Web Design

In response to the current economic changes, we at WDD Malaysia are offering this express web design package aims to deliver within 10-days or less.

And here are the benefits that are rather more enriching for businesses who are trying to seek opportunities during these uncertain times;


1. Sell Like Crazy

EWD websites are designed to sell and increase leads for your business you could possibly handle each day.

Upon confirmation of the project, you’ll work with a dedicated account manager to discuss your pre-design options, site architecture, user experience design and conversion funnel.

EWD website includes up to 10 pages of contents (you can upgrade to unlimited) and 2 custom lead forms designed to convert customers.


2. Gets More Sales

If you want to use your website to generate sales you’ll first need a great website that is able to impress your customers, highly engaging and therefore makes it easy for them to find information they need.

The EWD package deal from WDD Malaysia is also as great website that can help you boost web traffic, convert leads and increase your sales online within the next 10 days or less.


3. Increases Brand Visibility

The custom EWD website will help increase your search engine ranking, and increase your brand visibility for your customers online. This also enables your customers to distinguish and differentiate your brand among your competitors.

Our EWD package deal incorporates your existing branding into one of our custom engines. Elements like your logo, images, colour tones contribute towards the consistency of your brand identity, and we’ll be sure to include them on your new site.


4. Improved User Experience

User Experience (UX) design is important, especially when your customers are switching and browsing through mobile devices and desktop at different times.

No matter what browser or device they use, EWD website is also mobile-friendly and seamless across all browsing experiences.

By making sure that you have a good positive impact on your customers, implementing mobile-responsive user experience is inevitable.

And WDD Malaysia will do everything to help you engage site visitors, turning them into actual customers.


5. Increased Time Spend on the Website

The more attractive your website is, the more time your visitors will spend time on it.

Learning how your visitors behave around your website through custom analytics, and later make improvements that cater to your customers behaviors.

Our conversion funnel strategy will not just apply good web design but also track the path to how it can convert your visitors to actual customers.

The good design nonetheless, will aesthetically please them and make sticks to you for as long as possible.


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Get a New Website in 10 Days                        

At WDD Malaysia, we acknowledge that online presence is useless, unless we can make it attractive and purpose driven to convert more customers in virtually every industry.

Therefore we understand that not every business needs an elaborated website to reach their goals — which is why we offer a simple, fast, results-driven strategy to like minded business.

Our EWD package deal will incorporate your existing branding into our custom made engines.

We ensure that to get your website up and running within 10 days and start generating leads.

If you need any help building an online business, WDD Malaysia is happy to help.

Fill up the form below and our representative will contact you within 24 hours. Or chat with our Customer support to get a fast quotation.


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