Express Web Design Strategy That Could Still Build a Formidable Corporate Website

At WDD Malaysia, our goal is always about driving real results for our clients through web design. That’s why from the beginning we aim to make the whole process a seamless user experience for you to start publishing your online story and build a leads-generating platform at a flashlight.

The strategy we apply is known as the Express Web Design Strategy or EWDS, which is applicable for corporate businesses who are looking to speed up the whole website design process yet get a formidable corporate website.

There is no secret sauce to this, except that we offer a dedicated team that is strictly focused on creating this corporate website for you within a managed development window. Our experts include professional website designers, developers, writers and content engineers.

We also offer several pre-design styles ready to pick from, depending on your nature of business, that is affordable and value for money. Contact us today for some examples of the best corporate websites.

These pre-design styles are created with a custom-made engine that is managed with Amazon Cloud. It’s also designed with the goal in mind – driving sales and easily interact with your potential clients. All visitors will have no hiccups browsing your website on the desktop or mobile — the experience is seamless.

Upon confirming the project with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager (AM) to work with for the entire website design process. The AM will discuss your pre-design strategy, site architecture, user experience design and business funnel. To determine the success of this project, these few key items are also required from your side to provide; logo, corporate identity, marketing materials, company profile and product images.

Thereafter, we target to launch your website within 10 days or less.

This corporate website also includes yearly cloud hosting, web maintenance, the content buildup to 10 pages and custom lead forms that help focus converting your visitors to customers.

This strategy also includes 8 design hours of customisation on the pre-design options colours, images, buttons and text to achieve a bespoke website look that aligns with your corporate image.

The final product will reflect your corporate image while providing your target audience with the information they are looking for.

Corporate website design also works well with many industries like engineering, consulting, procurement, management and etc.


4 Detail Items You Need to Emphasis in your Corporate Business Website

Customers usually expect clarity and transparency when browsing through websites. Therefore, while your story gets published, hard facts information must be clear and detailed enough to portray your professionalism and not waste your customer’s time.

Emphasis #1 – Homepage

Discuss with our team to strategise the key important information that you should include on your home page to reflect your business objectives and the services that you are providing. Corporate businesses usually attract corporate users, hence the corporate website minimalist design is also a point for discussion.

Emphasis #2 – Punchlines

The best corporate websites usually come with a heavyweight punchline. The punchline on the homepage and each individual page title is a crucial point for your customers to decide whether to pursue their time reading further on your content. A powerful punchline helps to generate leads.

Emphasis #3 – Corporate Website Design

There is a difference between a corporate website versus a corporate website with web design. Oftentimes, the design elements will fluff with some creative features or bright colors that make the website vibrant or perhaps an impressive example exuding your services and characteristics of your business. For this reason, digital marketing for your corporate website will see better feedback and Returns on Investment.

Emphasis #4 – Digital Marketing Contents

At this stage, you would wonder what content should I include on my corporate website. To begin, do emphasise your offering and services in bullet points. Then talk to our copywriter to expand your points into presentable content. The aim here is to reach out to your market to create opportunities through your corporate website. Company news or blog is also important to include like CSR activities, events, or any digital campaign that you are running. Having said that, if you have a corporate video, it will be highly advantageous.

Benefits of Applying Express Web Design Strategy – In a Nutshell

Sell Like Crazy

Express Web Design Strategy or EWDS corporate websites are designed to sell and increase leads for the business you could possibly serve each day. EWDS corporate websites include 6 pages of content to start with but you can always upgrade as many as you want (unlimited) at a later stage.

Gets More Sales

Upon completion of the corporate website, our team will propose a digital marketing strategy that enables you to generate sales through the website. This will be a customised plan that is based on the nature of your business.

Increases Brand Visibility

EWDS corporate website will help increase your search engine ranking and increase your brand visibility for your customers on the internet. This also enables your customers to distinguish and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Improved User Experience

User Experience (UX) design is important, especially when your customers are switching and browsing through mobile devices and desktops at different times. No matter what browser or device they use, EWDS corporate website is also mobile-friendly and seamless across all browsing experiences.

By making sure that you have a good positive impact on your customers, implementing a mobile-responsive user experience is inevitable. At WDD Malaysia, we will do everything to help you engage site visitors, turning them into actual customers.

Increased Time Spent on the Website

The more attractive your website is, the more time your visitors will spend time on it. Learning how your visitors behave around your website through custom analytics, and later make improvements that cater to your customer’s behaviours.

Our conversion funnel strategy will not just apply good web design but also track the path to how it can convert your visitors to actual customers. The good design nonetheless, will aesthetically please them and make sticks to you for as long as possible.

Our Corporate Websites Examples

Client: DME Solutions Sdn Bhd
Industry: Architecture Website

Client: SD Associates Sdn Bhd
Industry: Engineering Consulting Website

Client: Kontena Nasional Berhad
Industry: Logistic & 3PL Website

Get a New Corporate Website Design in 10 Days                        

At WDD Malaysia, we believe that an online presence serves as inspiration for the entire business or corporation to move in the right direction and make an impact within the industry.

Therefore we understand that not every business needs an elaborated website to reach its goals — which is why we offer a simple, fast, results-driven strategy to like-minded business people.

Our EWD strategy will incorporate your existing branding into our custom made engines as a complete end-to-end corporate website package. Thus, we cover aspects required to build a formidable website design.

We ensure that to get your website up and running within the space of 10 days and start generating leads. After all, a website that doesn’t generate leads is not a great website.

Get in touch with us today!


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