Best Time to Health Check Your Corporate Website, 9 Symptoms Will Shock Your Pulse!

Unless you are a corporate business decision-maker who doesn’t care about how the Netizen thinks, then you should consider redesigning your corporate website.

Unlike the year 2008, building a corporate website these days is more beneficial and it doesn’t cost you much money. You don’t need to understand the nitty-gritty, technical or design details, just as long as the website is designed to generate leads, sales and running 24×7 as one of the best means of free advertising.

Hire an expert in web design for business and get your new corporate website up and running in about 30 days. Having a new corporate website isn’t just about selling your goods and services — it also needs to integrate with the latest technology requirements, matching with how demanding each netizen perceives contents and provide something of value to the prospects. The goal is to create value through digital.

Still not sure if it’s a good time to redesign your website?

Well, perhaps you can do a blood test on your website and see if these 9 symptoms exist. If so, it’s really time that you need to save your website brand image (tout de suite):

1. Your customers are expecting something new

Let’s think about it for a second, would you be able to trust a business that doesn’t have a nice beautiful website? — Let alone still no website?

Try getting out of this “in denial mode” for a second and still think that no one has the time to browse through a website, but in actual fact, it is just one palm away. It’s in their pocket.

Customers may be impatient and look elsewhere if they don’t find you catching up to the Internet standard these days, and that is having a website that they can expect reaping some benefits that is valuable and memorable for them.

If this is the main reason, I’ll guess we can just skip straight to the bottom!

2. You don’t have social proof

Yes, you may have won some awards over the years and showered with an abundance of compliments. But heck, no one knows about it. If the Netizens know, then that’s what we called Social Proof.

Sometimes is about one last check before your prospects commit to you through checking your social proof on Google or Facebook reviews. Study shows that 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews for their buying decisions.

It is also a great way to impress your prospects who are already looking for you online.

So, you might as well grab a rifle and kill two birds with a single shot, and that analogy is equal to having Google/Facebook reviews leading them to your corporate website at the same time.

3. You are losing control online

People can really say things about you and share it online without you realising it. While you can’t control what people say about you, at least you are aware of it and to take measurable action to save your brand image.

You can influence them through your corporate website and kill the Fake News.

Forget about brochures, flyers, radio or writing a letter. A corporate website can help you to address your brand message across and influence your target audience much faster than any traditional marketing methods. It’s not just about eliminating Fake News, but you can Make News! In other words, you control the narrative.

4. You are not making any revenue through digital

A strong corporate business should have good incremental revenue streams, but why not increase it exponentially. There are many ways that you could maximise your corporate website into a revenue-generating machine. If your business requires a face-to-face appointment, therefore qualifying quality leads through the website can be your prime goal.

When you hire a matching web design company, it will definitely help you save up lots of time in future by applying automation strategy to your website. Besides, you can fully give your trust to a good one and let them do everything for you. Get a ‘done-for-you’ service, and see your business grow.

5. You don’t have any coding or technical skills

Nope, you’ll definitely don’t need any of these. Just a few emails and serious meetings with your professional web design company, things can get moving fast.

6. You can advertise yourself and get personal

The most viewed page in a website after the listings page and contact page is the “about” page. This statistics shows that people are looking for confidence in you through websites before further communicating with you face to face.

The usual questions they look for are like your experiences, how long have you been in this industry, background and these will affect their buying decision. They certainly are not so inclined to ask you first hand through WhatsApp/Wechat.

6. Your competitors are thriving with a new website

We bet that your competitors too have websites, otherwise you are in the tremendous upper hand. Most of the time, consumers already know what they need or want, then they usually start doing some research online.

Study shows that 72 percent of them go online to get education, reviews, website credibility and even ask for a quotation of your business. Oftentimes, they will insist on obtaining the top three best quotations, judging from what you offer from your website.

However, if you do not have a good corporate website, you will lose your edge and literally give away your business to your competitors. Thus, giving your customers more reasons to shop with other brands.

7. Your business operation time is still limited

Never put up the ‘closed for business’ sign again, even during a pandemic. If you have an online business, there is simply no such thing as a business is closed. The leads or purchases can even come through 1-2 am in the morning while you are sleeping or binge-ing Netflix.

Your business can be dramatically boosted if it’s combined with both website and strong marketing campaigns, leading to long-term revenue stream buildups.

8. You are not showing up in Google, properly

If you own a website and it doesn’t show up in Google properly, well, it’s not too late.

81 percent of consumers do online research before making a purchase, that means when your customers are doing a search — you’d better show up. For instance; when a customer types “best company to deliver goods” and if you are in logistic business, you should show up on Google or on the first page.

However, if you show up with an old website, you might shoo your chances away. Simply because a new website would give a better lasting impression than an old website. Place an informed bet and increase your luck by having a good corporate website together with the best practice SEO strategy to outrank your competitors.

9. Your website built with 2008 technology

It goes without saying, this kind of technology is dead, buried and probably has achieved enlightenment.

The latest phones will not resonate with the contents, the latest browser will not render the page properly, still using small fonts, old company vision mission, and therefore, how will your current website deliver the message to your customer properly?

Getting the right new technology implemented is a thousand times more effective than those yesteryears methods. Today, we can have a website that generates billions, while those days cost millions.

Need help setting up your corporate website?

If you haven’t upgraded your website to a new website, here are two easy steps to get you started;

1) Hire a web design company.

2) Tell us how you want your new website to look like

Meanwhile, here are some of the example websites that we have successfully upgraded to version 2020.

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