6 Live Chat Bots Fighting over Internet Attention

Live chat is a smart way to engage and support customers on your website. One study founds that 79% of businesses that implement live chat on their website saw an increase in sales, revenue and customer loyalty. However, with so many live chat solutions available out there, it can be difficult to know which is the right solution to choose. To help you out, we’ve reviewed six of the best live chat solutions currently available and have tested across websites that we’ve built for our clients.  

#1 Live Chat – Tidio

Pros Custom branding – Tidio offers the ability to customise styles for your live chat support to match with your branding.Visitor analytics – Through the live chat solution, you can see which visitors are currently on your site page, including their browser and language. You can also see how long that user has been on your site. AI chat automation – Reduce customer support requirements for your live chat agents through AI chat automation. This is very useful for peak shopping periods and outside of working hours. You set some prerequisite questions before getting into the details. Ease of setup – Tidio can be easily set up on your website within only five minutes. Once an account has been created Tidio is added via an HTML code snippet, WordPress plugin or Shopify store app. Cons Contact properties – It not possible to delete contact properties, however, this doesn’t affect running the software. Integrations Tidio integrates with a wide range of third-party platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Magento, Pipedrive and more. Pricing Tidio offers four different pricing plans. There is a free version of Tidio which requires no credit card details to set up. The free tier includes all of the key live chat and chatbot functionality. The paid tiers for Tidio are: 1. Chatbots: $18.00 per month 2. Communicator $18.00 per month 3. Email marketing: $10.00 per month Existing customers, contact us if you need help setting this up into your website for free.  

#2 Live Chat – LiveChat.com

LiveChat.com is a full-service chat solution that integrates with an extensive range of platforms. The LiveChat facility set up on your website makes it even easier to gain the information you need, rapidly. If you have any questions, just ask their experts for an instant response. Pros Integrates with social media – LiveChat.com integrates seamlessly with social media accounts. This means that users can open live chat sessions through platforms like Facebook, without leaving the native Facebook interface. Real-time visibility – LiveChat.com provides real-time visibility of your website visitors. This provides an additional advantage to engage with customers just when they are wading through your web pages. Product presentation – LiveChat.com allows you to easily showcase products inside your chatbox. This allows you to show specific products to customers without them having to leave the chat. Cons Mobile apps have limitations – The LiveChat.com mobile app has limited functionality. Some common tasks like changing user-profiles and answering customer support tickets are unavailable through the mobile app yet. Google Analytics – Integration with Google Analytics is limited and still there are rooms for improvement. Unique Integrations LiveChat.com integrates with 170+ different tools and platforms. This includes Shopify, Slack, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and more. Pricing LiveChat.com has four different pricing tiers: 1. Starter: $16/month 2. Team: $33/month 3. Business: $50/month 4. Enterprise: Custom pricing Give us shout if you need help integrating this into your online store or website.    

#3 Live Chat – Zendesk

Zendesk is a live chat and customer management suite which is used by more than 150,000+ customers. At this moment, Zendesk is providing free* for six months — including access to tailored resources and our growing network and community of customer experience leaders. So for any startups, this will be a good opportunity. Analytics – Zendesk provides detailed analytics including agent performance, client satisfaction level and progress resolution. Shortcuts & canned messages – Shortcuts and canned messages make it easier for customer support agents to deal with heavy workloads and commonly asked questions. Flexible pricing – Zendesk provides a flexible pricing structure ranging from a free version through to a premium $55 per month package. This makes it suitable for everyone from startups to larger enterprises. Free trial – Zendesk provides a free trial version of its platform, so you can try before you buy. No harm right? Integration & Extension Zendesk integrates easily with leading e-commerce solutions including Magento, Woocommerce and Shopify. Pricing There are four different pricing tiers for Zendesk’s live chat functionality. These are: 1. Lite: Free 2. Team: $14 per agent per month 3. Professional: $29 per agent per month 4. Enterprise: $59 per agent per month For any businesses who have been planning to scale large online sales team, please contact us for custom integration.    

#4 LiveChat – ManyChat

ManyChat is regarded as one of the most user-friendly and flexible chat solutions available. Launched in 2016 it has been used by hundreds of thousands of businesses. ManyChat is specifically designed to be used with Facebook Messenger Experience for Facebook pages. Pros User-Friendly interface – ManyChat has a very user-friendly interface, which allows simplifying complex chatbox responsive design. Manage multiple Facebook pages – ManyChat allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages through the same account. This is ideal for businesses and web design agencies with multiple websites. Cons No CSV export – ManyChat doesn’t provide the ability to export data as a CSV file. Instead, data has to be pushed to Google Sheets before it can be worked with. We suspect ManyChat is one of many Google companies, which could shut down as when they snap their fingers. Extensions Nevertheless, the Google sheets extension is particularly useful. This allows you to pull and push data from your Google sheets, without the need for any additional coding. Other integrations and extension include Shopify, Zapier, WordPress, among others. Pricing ManyChat has a free tier and pro packages that start from $10 per month, it has custom price scaling bar that fits your needs as much as possible. WDD.MY is also using ManyChat for our Facebook pages. Do let us know if you need to integrate this with your Website.    

#5 Live Chat – Olark

Olark is a good live chat option for businesses that are looking for a solution that is easy to set up yet it still offers more advanced features. Started in 2009 Olark is one of the most popular live chat solutions, serving more than twelve thousands customers. Pros Templates and styling – Olark provides a wide range of template designs. You can also use the CSS edits feature to create custom templates. Ease of setup – Slide in the code snippet to your website and you are ready to get started. Free version – Olark provides a free version for up to twenty individual conversations. Short cuts and canned messages – Olark enables you to set up shortcuts through their editor. Canned messages can be sent to customers through the shortcut menu. Cons No support tickets – Olark does not have its own native ticketing system. However, you can integrate with other solutions like Help Scout or Zendesk to provide customer ticketing support. Extensions & Integration Olark integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Highrise and Salesforce. Olark enables you to send transcripts from live chat directly into your CRM. Pricing Pricing varies depending on whether the customer pays for a fixed term or every month. 1. Monthly payment: $17 per month 2. Yearly payment: $15 per month 3. Bi-yearly payment: $12 per month It takes more steps to set up this feature if compared with others. But fret not, you can always reach your favourite web design company anytime for the installation service.    

#6 Live Chat – Chaport

Chaport is a live chat support solution that is designed to be very simple to set up and use. Despite being easy to use, Chaport still offers many of the same advanced features as other live chat solutions. Honestly, this is the first time we heard about this, after going through some research for this article. But, we don’t mean its bad, don’t get us wrong. Pros Offline support – Chart allows website visitors to send you messages even when you are offline. Free tier – The free tier is ideal for solopreneurs and startups that want to implement live chat on their website. Cons Mobile app – Although it offers a solution through a mobile app, users often report that it is challenging to use and provides more limited functionality. Extensions Chaport integrates with social media and messaging platforms including Telegram, Facebook and Viber. Through Zapier integration there is access to over 1500 tools. Could be awesome. Pricing Chaport provides a free version. Paid pricing packages start from $9.80 per month. The pricing seems cheap, compare to the rest. We have not tried this yet, but if you need us to install on your website, please let us know. We are offering free installation for this live chat at the moment.  

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