9 Reasons Why SME Companies Need Responsive Website

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Responsive website design is an approach that responds to the user’s behaviour and works according to the requirement of their device’s screen size and orientation.

Responsive website design easily helps to convert from desktop view to the mobile view.  It can automatically detect the device and display the website accordingly to the screen size.

Your potential user will take a look at your website on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone that has different screen sizes and therefore, he/she will continue using your website if it is appealing and easy to use.

Meanwhile, here are some of the inevitable facts on why your business really needs responsive website design.

1.  Responsive website Design Boosts Your Sales Conversion Rate

The following bar graph shows an increasing trend in e-commerce sales originated from mobile traffic. Malaysia e-commerce expects 23% yearly growth until 2021.

What you need to know about the concept behind sales conversion rate.

It is very important to understand about it, let’s dive into some of this concept with the help of an example.

For example, If last year you had 100 new leads or new users and out of that made 30 sales. Then, in this case your conversion rate is 30%.

According to the formula: Number of Sales / Number of Leads * 100.

29% of mobile phone users say that they will immediately leave the website if it is not satisfying their needs e.g website is slow or not having enough information.

Not being receptive to your audience’s needs can cost you losing users and sales.

As mobile phones have become a part of daily life of human beings.

Mobile phone usage rates increase by 7.2% from 68.7% in 2016 to 75.9% in 2017.

Therefore, right now it is an ideal opportunity to evaluate how your small business websites display on tablets, mobile phones, and even on PCs.

According to recent reports, it is demonstrated that the use of mobile phone and tablet combined to represent 60% of aggregate digital media time.

Mobile now accounts for 7 out of 10 minutes spent in digital media, the report said.

Do you want to increase the sale of your business? 

2.  Responsive website design Is the Best Way to Reach Large Audience

The number of mobile phone users exceeds exceptionally well against the number of desktop users.

Below bar graph shows the increasing number of mobile phone users in Malaysia. Mobile now accounts for nearly 70% of digital media time [comScore].

61% of mobile phone users say that they will buy from mobile website that customize information to their location.

40% of users says that they will not wait for more than 3 seconds to leave an e-commerce website.

This implies that a portion of all your close users are on mobile phones, making it necessary to have a mobile-friendly website. However, it means that a small portion of your audience is getting to your website from a desktop.

This means that your website is not visible to these audiences just because it is not responsive or mobile-only.

Therefore, a non-responsive, mobile-only website isn’t friendly to all users.

The most ideal approach to reach desktop users and a wide range of mobile users is to utilize a responsive website design that adjusts to any device and screen measure rather than to only mobile phones or desktops.

3.  Responsive Design Improves Search Engine Rankings

Google authoritatively suggests using a responsive design for websites.

Google unquestionably supports mobile-friendly websites over websites that are certainly not mobile-friendly.

In view of this, a responsive website is a positive development.

Then again, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, Google will penalize you by decreasing your search engine rankings.

In addition, the number and duration of visits to your website influence your Google ranking, therefore if your website isn’t responsive to all devices, you’ll lose traffic.

4.  Responsive Design Makes Navigation Easier

Responsive designs make your website more navigation friendly for your users.

For example, mobile users may see a menu as an icon having a specific picture on it, while desktop users may see a text label for a similar menu interface. This is a desktop view of a same website having menu in the text labels.

Similarly, mobile websites may show images in one column but in desktop computers or in laptops, images may be shown in various columns because of a more extensive screen.

Below is the demonstration of the mobile view with one column and desktop view with more than one columns.

5.  How Responsive Website Design Helps You Attract users

You may have a website that works excellent on a desktop or on a laptop screen, yet in the event that a mobile phone or tablet user loses functionality or needs to press and zoom to have the capacity to take a look at your website, they will probably save themselves from the hassle and look elsewhere.

This can be a major issue in case you’re constructing your image and your business.

This could be vital for your business and brand image.

6.  Giving Website Users a Positive Experience

Having an online business that serves to mobile users, it requires responsive website design.

Now it has become a necessity to run a successful online business.

Just imagine an inconvenient website that doesn’t function well on a mobile phone.

Without any doubt, non responsive website design will leave a very bad impression on your potential users.

Users will not bother to wait for more than 3 seconds to load the website. 40% of users reject those websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. 

7.  Cost Cutting in Mobile Development

Responsive website design is a standout amongst other website designs when it comes to investment.

One design can work away at different devices, without the need for creating a website for each gadget.

Mobile website development also saves a lot of time, empowering developers to embed code into a single document report to make the website work easily on each screen.

This way, it provides a double benefit by reducing the time and saving mobile development cost.

8.  Smooth and Simple Site Management

It’s much easier to keep a website up to date once it’s created in responsive design.

It gives complete access to website management to oversee, change and update vital changes in pictures, recordings, and formats when required.

9.  Give access to Quick and Easy Reporting

The designs make your life easy and hassle-free, you can track your users who visit your website.

The conversion path is another excellent feature of this design. This feature makes an anonymous website user a known lead.

This means that this feature converts suspects into prospects.

Responsive website design provides easy monitoring and analyzing.

You can access the website, wherever and whenever you want to, through a responsive website design.

No special training is required in order to access responsive website design.


Every business person dreams to expand his/her business but the truth is they can not do it alone, they must need someone for assistance or an expert for expert opinions to make the way of their business to the highest level of achievement.

Therefore, to make your website successful you need an professional web design company Malaysia to connect your website and your business.

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