Timely Website Maintenance That May Rocket Your Online Business

WDD Malaysia is a top website maintenance services company, helping small to large companies to improve the performance and security of their websites. WDD Malaysia offers expertise and experience on the basis of hourly, monthly, on-demand, or after-hours website maintenance plans. Everything you need for your business demands.

Companies often disregard investment in website maintenance services. Many did not realise that the moment a website is launched, opportunities are infinite. This also means that the website should be interactive and foster engagement with your customers by constantly updating new information.

Unlike the traditional approach of designing pamphlets or brochures, once it is printed, it’s too late to change. Website, on the contrary, will have the flexibility to update business information at any time and it can have a tremendous impact on your business, especially if you operate online.

Website maintenance is inevitable and valuable for companies’ online brand image.

Three Reasons Why You Need Website Maintenance


Did you know that almost 90% of users shop with a competitor after visiting a website with poor user experience (UX)?

It’s only normal for businesses to underestimate the influence of the website’s usability until they realise that their users have shifted to their competitors.

With routine site maintenance, you can ensure that your website offers the best UX possible. Regular check on the data points could also help to uncover what your users are looking for and pivot according to their behaviour.

If you’re running an online store, for example, consistent UX improvements can make your users’ purchasing journey easy, which can lead to more sales and revenue.


No matter how good your website is built, it’s essential for your company to keep your website secure. If any cyber hackers gain access to your site, they can cause tremendous damage to your brand and business, whether by stealing your customer data or publishing unwanted/offensive content to your site.

When you invest in website maintenance services, you take a proactive approach to protect your company and your clients. Plus, you decrease the risk of a cyberattack, which can result in more than stolen data but also lawsuits.

For any market, industry, retail, government sectors or online store, website security is essential. Just think about it, these days, would you prefer to buy a new house with no guarded and gated security?


The functionality of your website coordinates along with your site UX usability. For example, if your website navigation bar link becomes broken, it decreases the usability of your website dramatically. Your users are not able to access the intended content. Some businesses invest in after-hours website maintenance services (usually on urgent mode) which may cost them bombs!

Opting for monthly or hourly website maintenance services, you can improve the functionality and usability of your website. You can also minimize your website downtime.

With our routine WatchTower website maintenance, a routine check will be applied consistently to ensure that your website is working as intended to, limiting its impact on the user experience.

For example, maybe your website is running a 3rd party validation tool (i.e Recaptcha) on an enquiry form, and a new release requires a manual update and it is often missed. As a result, the enquiry form may not be able to go through, you may lose some customers.

However, by not applying this feature, it also may result in tremendous spam to your email, and your potential customers could possibly land in the Spam folder — which usually becomes an oversight. In this case, getting good web hosting also plays a role.

FourSeason Essential Website Maintenance Services

Companies often ask us; “What are your regular website updates?”

We thought that this is an excellent question although it varies by website maintenance companies, which is why it is relevant to ask in the first place when appointing us for website development.

To give crystal clear services, our site maintenance package which known as FourSeason Website Maintenance will include:


The best way to improve your website is to look at the data and analytics from the people visiting your website; customers, staff, leads to prospects. Any questions, comments, complaints, suggestions and the way they navigate the website, which is generated by real users provide invaluable sources of feedback to improve your website.

With routine checks every quarter, you can use these data points to improvise your website and its performance to better serve your online customers.


The moment you launch your website, you should expect your business to grow. Therefore, it’s inevitable that your products, services, and prices will change. Keeping updated on your business information helps filter unnecessary repeated questions, making your website mature and looking fresh all the time.

Businesses need a consistent schedule and process to update old products, changing existing services, packages, price and many more. The idea of a website is so that you can make updated information to your customers at any time.

Consumers trust the Internet, and they also count on your website to provide them valuable and updated information from time to time. It’s very crucial to address these values for your customers.

With website maintenance, you can keep your website current for users. It is a proactive step that you can do a few times every quarter. This improves users’ experience on your website.


If you are an e-commerce company or services company, it is also essential to update your website about your latest sales, promotions and offers.

When your company provides special promotions, discount programs, offers, and more, you keep your business competitive online. And for those who operate offline (traditional method), you’d probably have more edge if your competitors are still staying “offline”.

To capitalise this advantage, you can offer special online deals to drive users to call your team, visit your location, schedule an appointment, or perhaps close the deal over the phone. You are above the ground, don’t waste it by just doing sightseeing.

Short-term and long-term sales initiatives require updates to your site. Website maintenance services enable you to strengthen your sales with unique offers for shoppers.


In this digital era and ever-evolving internet of things (IoT), ageing websites will appear outdated if new components are not integrated or being neglected. Probably not accessible to some new browsers or mobile device standards.

For example, if your website is built for devices in 2018, and for sure new technology devices will unfold in the following year 2019, 2020 and further.

While your existing users will also upgrade their device and if your website development is not future-friendly, you will lose current and potential clients. In addition, it weakens your online image.

Other issues with your website’s interactive features can also increase your bounce rate. This metric refers to the percentage of people that leave your site without visiting another page and often indicates that your website isn’t delivering on user expectations.

Website maintenance fine-tunes your site to ensure your site’s interactive features work. Even if these features become outdated and require replacement, website maintenance services can give your team an advance notification about this need.

Keeping all your website’s features operational help you market your products and services successfully.

Get the Best 5 Website Maintenance Services for your Business

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