Having Your Own Real Estate Brand Online Matters

A website for selling properties online is an essential part of your business plan if you want to succeed in 2020 and beyond. Your future success relies on having all your properties presented online in the most innovative and professional manner that money can buy. No one actually inspects houses anymore unless they are almost certain that they are going to purchase them, and then they go and look once or twice.

All the hard work and research can be done online in advance.

In Malaysia, people have flown over from Asian Capitals for the weekend, made a purchase and home the next day. Several of these people have told me that they did everything they needed to do by looking at the website, often aimed at the overseas buyer.


A Good Web Design Company

In the last 10 years, we have seen a generational change. Suddenly all the leading Real Estate Agents are under 35 years old, and the Industry has become all about them and their personal brand. Many of them work 16 hours daily, and their image and brand are of optimal importance.

By working I mean also they are very in-demand socially and nights are spent at Bar, Clubs, Cinemas and Parties as this is how they network. These are the new Celebrities and they love being in the public eye. Of course, they always have the latest car and the best website. The traffic in the city is now so heavy that the latest requirement for agents moving from one inspection to another is a chauffeur.

They live in the best area and whether they rent or buy is not important as they will have the trendiest houses which become a backdrop for their professional lives, and they are very good at their own PR (public relations).

However, it is not necessary for them to do their own PR, as they can easily hire the best PR in town along with the best web design company skilled in selling properties online. At least for a few years, money is no problem!


Hiring the Right Web Design Company

Being creative and innovative is everything in web design and the young entrepreneur is going to want the best, as there is a lot of competition in the Real Estate world. He/she will want the website hits to translate into inspections and ultimate sales. In order to achieve this the website has to be constantly agile and changing in the world of Real Estate, so the company will require at least 3 to 4 serious upgrades to the website a week in order to keep the content relevant and moving. Many of the websites are dull and not updated regularly and there is nothing worse than checking out a property that has sold a few days before.

We are looking for content to be checked and updated daily. When you are building your brand you do not want it to look homemade and you will want everyone to admire it. The website should have an easy booking facility and tour views/galleries.

Check out this website of the latest Bandar Cemerlang developments.


What the Buyer Wants

What the buyer wants is everything! #apapunmau.

Sometimes it takes the buyer a while to realize the true price of everything, this is where a lot of skill is required on behalf of the agent. All the foundations for expectation can be laid out on the website by an expert web designer who has professional qualifications in the area and a portfolio of excellent completed work. They will set out your requests in clear terms regarding the purchase and settlement of properties. When dealing with legalities it is important to be clear as well as creative!

In order to get this level of creativity and legal complexity, the website builder is going to be extremely important even more important than the person writing the advertising copy. A 2019 Report named ‘Real Estate in a Digital Age stated that in 2018 44% of buyers looked at properties online first because online searching allows the ability to compare and contrast homes by comparing features. In addition, the Realtors (or agents), utilize technology in their business practice, and over 90% of Real Estate firms have websites (a few old ones still advertise in the paper).

For some staying up to date with technology is a challenge. A typical home buyer is aged between 40 and 46 years and married without children, and people of this age would all be looking online.  SEA ( South East Asia Market) According to Bureau Statistics (ABS) August 2019 showed first home buyers were 29.8% of the national market, and because they were under 40 years of age they are all very active online. This is due to improved affordability and relaxation of some lending rules. Also, many investors have left the market to look for more profitable gains elsewhere.

The older age group of 70 plus are not usually searching online, they would be established homeowners, not buyers.


Future of leads generation

The website and social media are all important in generating leads. Facebook or Twitter where people announce every aspect of their life almost daily are required reading for many, and 100 close friends will be the first to know if an acquaintance is planning to buy or sell. The agent will need a good Social Media Monitor who will keep their ear to the ground in order to generate leads.

Also, they can spend a bit of time being active on Social Media by generating positive remarks about the company who employs them. This type of Social Media works really well and engages young clients who are looking out for the latest trend.


Getting Your Branded Website

The web design is very creative work and worth employing the absolute best. I love trawling the websites on a weekly basis to see what is selling in the area.

By any chance, if you are in Ipoh, you can engage with our Ipoh Web Design team. It can be extremely entertaining and it is always good as a renovator to watch for ‘The nearly Deceased Estates’ in a better area, on which there is money to be made.


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