Find Out How Master Yoda’s Words Can Forcefully Affect Your SEO Website Ranking

If you want to get more traffics to your website you should choose wisely on the right SEO website ranking keywords for your link building campaigns. Fool around Google you should not with your website SEO.

Apart from the web design, SEO ranking is inevitable and are definitely worth the time and investment for your business, especially when you have already built a solid foundation for your website. And it is also highly advantageous to put more effort and rank it.

However, if it’s a crappy site, then don’t bother.

But first, do an SEO audit on your current website and see it how it perform. SEO is complex and requires a long term strategy (i.e patience). As Master Yoda advises, you should not attempt to trick google in getting your website rank top by undercutting their standard protocols (i.e. black hat SEO).

It would not be an overnight exercise or it may take a 1,000 years to master the art — depending on which web design company you hired.

In this article, we will discuss specifically on SEO keywords terms selection process and how it brings you the return on investment.

Here are seven important stages in selecting the right keyword terms;


Stage #1 — Determine Your Target Audience

Define the type of audience you want to engage with that will likely be your potential customers. Find out what are the keywords they will most likely use to find your products or services on Google.

Compile those list of keywords usually around 10-20 relevant key phrases that best describe your services or products. Be as clear as possible. For example; don’t just use “web design”, but instead use express web design strategy”.

It should be a few words, another example — don’t just put “lawyer”, but instead “kl divorce lawyer”. Be specific with your keywords.


Stage #2 — Find Out Where Are Your Traffics

Get the list of keywords by using this tool SEMrush and find out what are the most searched keywords terms. Use the synonym keyword strategy to increase your search impressions probability.

Example; the synonym to “lawyer” is also “attorney”, although “lawyer” has 10,000 searches per month compared to “attorney” that has 500 searches.

Get as much keywords ideas as possible to expand your reach, you’ll be amazed at the results of so many keywords that you can explore with Google.

Once you have gotten the chunk of keywords from the expanded list, do compile them together in a google sheet and decide the ones that you would like to rank for.


Stage #3 — Competitive Keywords

If you have a tight budget, then focus only on the long-tail keywords, which usually comprises of more than 5 words. For example; “lawyer in kl settle divorce fast”

The lesser the words, the higher the competitions. Best is to stick in between and to strike  balance from it. Perhaps, only use 3-4 for words — “lawyer in kl divorce”

Having said, you need to analyse the list of keywords and know what are the monthly average search volumes. It is also pointless to target long-tail keywords but only covers less than 10 searches per month.

You should seek advice from your web design company SEO expert to calculate the cost you need to invest for all the keywords, get an estimate for your SEO website ranking investment.

Don’t overspend on all keywords at your first link building campaign. You should do it naturally and progressively — that’s the way Google likes it.


Stage #4 — Profitable SEO Keywords

Find out which keywords will most likely be profitable. Find out if these people are using only selected search phrases looking to buy something?

Example, a phrase like “swiss watches” may have 10x more traffic, but a phrase like “buy a swiss watch” will eventually bring in the money and thus a higher ROI — at the same time, it is also much faster to rank. This is called the exact match keyword with high ROI quality.

Striking balance between your head and google algorithm is nothing new. Thinking like a robot at times, may seems normal for this case.


Stage #5 — How Much Does Your Keyword Cost?

Match your keywords with Google Ads, and find out how much people are actually paying for those keywords. This determines the value of your keywords, and could potentially save you thousands of dollars, if not months of wasted effort could be avoided.

Do a test run on Google Ads and see how it performs. Get the most out of the keywords that actually bring you leads and sales. Google Ads gives you the current value and real-time score.

Only invest in those keywords that actually bring you results. Don’t assume with your creativity. At this point, data is king!


Stage #6 — Choose The Easy Way

Select those keywords that are already in the search results and get some rankings after running your Google Ads campaign.

Choose those keywords that ranked between #2 and #30 on Google, then you can build backlinks to push up your ranking.

In the beginning, keywords that are on page 2 or 3 will have low to none impact, but once you reach the top 10, the results will shock you!

For example; if you rank a keyword at top of page 2 which only brings you 200 traffics per month, by pushing it to the bottom of page 1 will significantly increase your traffics per month. You are potentially looking 10x the difference!


Stage #7 — Having the Right SEO Partner

SEO website ranking is a very challenging arena, especially when we need to keep pace with Google Algorithm, hustling with other competitors, while maintaining the website to a tip top condition.

When you pick a web design agency, that agency should also have an SEO expert to help you grow your online business. Otherwise, is just a clueless website, isn’t it?

And that also means helping you to outrank your competitors! Its a long term battle you need to decide whether you want to take the fight online or otherwise.

Here are some of the SEO website ranking services we provide on top of our web design services.

1. Keywords Research & Analysis
– List all possible profitable keywords for your website

2. Page Content Buildups
– Build contents that create values to your website.

3. Title Tags
– Unique and creative keywords that help lift the website ranking.

4. Meta description
– Specific and creative words that best describe the page.

5. Heading Tags
– Implement the strong keywords into the H1, H2 tags.

6. Keywords Density
– Making sure the page has the deep keyword utilisation of least 0.3%.

7. Robots.txt File Optimisation
– Manage with Google Spyders on which page to crawl.

8. Pretty URL
– Apply the keywords into the URL nicely. Non-Yoda-friendly.

9. Image Tags
– Images will also contribute to the search ranking with “Alt” tags

10. Site Map Exercise
– Create a sitemap and regularly update to Google

11. Manage Broken Links & Redirects
– Properly manage all links, redirects accordingly and build a 404 page to pass link juices.

12. Search Engine Submission
– Submit the website to all search engine periodically.

13. Internal Links
– Build internal silo linking structure to strengthen the site integrity.

14. Link Building & Social Media
– Obtain good link-backs from other websites. Broadcast website to various social media channels.

15. SSL, HTTPS and Pagespeed
– Increase the loading speed of the website, optimise all images, caching and implement SSL Certificate to block hackers and malware.



Interested in SEO Implementation? See our friendly packages below;

A) KICKSTARTER Package — RM499 p/month

– No of Keywords Optimised – 10 Keywords
– No of Web Pages Optimised – 10 Pages
– On-page Optimization – Yes
– Off-page Optimization – Yes

B) PRO Package — RM999 p/month

– No of Keywords Optimised – 20 Keywords
– No of Web Pages Optimised – 20 Pages
– On-page Optimization – Yes
– Off-page Optimization – Yes


Contact your friendly SEO partner today and to get started on your SEO campaign.


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