WordPress vs. Wix, which one suits better for you and your business?

Web design is essential for any business as it will impact how your targeted audience perceives the company’s brand values. It is important to have a strong branding image or a beautiful web design to be able to attract new clients.

Your website will stand out from among your competitors and increase your opportunities to penetrate the market and retain your foothold in the captured market shares.

With WordPress, you will be delighted by the easy options available to customize and improve your website’s appearance to appeal to a broader audience. You need an excellent layout website design expert who can transform your website to help gain leads, increase your overall sales and therefore drive up your business’ bottom line.

We have different website approaches in the internet world, and WordPress is the most popular of them — which is also known as a Content Management System.

Its main rival Wix is another web builder that’s easy to use and is often referred to as a drag and drop page builder. It offers users who possess zero technical background with the ability to create beautiful and fully functional websites.

So which one is better for you or your business?

Let’s take look at both the difference aspects of each;


Website Builders and Content Management Systems

Many people use the terms website builders and content management systems interchangeably, but there is a very clear distinction between them.

What are Website Builders?

Website builder(s) is an online software that provides you with web spaces where you can create and publish your website.

They make it easy to create a website on the builder’s hosting platform and use proprietary tools that can only work on their unique platform to build pages.

Wix is one of the most popular website builders, and it is a great asset for newbies who do not want to go through the technicalities involved in creating a website.

Wix ensures that new users quickly set up a website. It’s a website builder that makes it simple for those entrepreneurs who want a quick instant noodle type website.

Pros of website builders such as Wix

– Easy to use and are designed with a beginner in mind<

– Quick and easy to set up a website

– Users do not have to worry about maintenance, backups and security

– Readily available support

Cons of Wix

– Limited customizations

– Not suited for all websites

– You cannot move your website to a new web hosting

– Users will not own the domain

– Users do not own the website


On the other hand, Content Management Systems (CMS) is an open-source engine where you can find a web hosting to build and run a website. They run on web servers that enable you to create, store, search, and manage online content.

This data is typically stored in a secured database.

CMS gives you access over virtually every aspect since you are not limited to a particular web hosting. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System helping many people create and host very unique websites.

WordPress owns up 35% of Internet Market share.

Pros of Content Management Systems (WordPress)

– Users can create all types of websites imaginable and for all audience sizes

– They allow for creation of unique layouts and designs

– There are endless options for upgrade to enhance the website

– Users also have the choice of web hosting — like hosting it on Amazon AWS Cloud.

Cons of CMS

– There are possible compatibility issues, depending how it is built

– It can sometimes feel hard to use especially for people with limited coding language

– Requires really professional developers or web design malaysia company for maintenance

Comparing WordPress and Wix

WordPress and Wix can be compared through different categories including:

1. Ease of Use

WordPress has many features and benefits, which has led to its increased popularity and customer base. Wix identifies itself as a site builder that’s adaptable and usable by anyone.

One can create a website in minutes without possessing any coding experience.

The downside is users can’t import outside tools from different sources; this is because it’s a hosted platform.

This means that its principal owner WIX maintains control over all the available applications and tools. Once you choose a template, you are stuck with it. Wix web builder interface is made with beginners in mind and is user-friendly.

It offers customer support for troubleshooting and answering questions round the clock.

Learning to work with the WordPress administration dashboard and the many themes and plugins options demands an in-depth understanding curve than Wix does, but the possibility of building a very good website is endless.

2. Flexibility and Versatility

You may always need to consider future expansion and the ability to scale up to meet additional demands as your business grows. This is the downside of Wix, and it does not include all the features you need to accommodate growth.

It also limits a user’s customization options for the site. In Wix, it’s impossible to integrate with an outside source or third party tools.

The virtually limitless versatility of WordPress is the one reason for its enduring popularity. When you install the WordPress code, you can draw from the official WordPress theme and plugin directory and from the products of developers worldwide to customize your site to your taste. Isn’t that amazing!

As a Website’s identity changes, WordPress makes it easy to switch themes and to add and delete plugins as needed. Its users don’t need to know coding to operate WordPress.

Those with development skills or codings have an added advantage in that they can fine-tune WordPress even more by utilizing the core code and theme and plugin files to customize their site’s appearance and features.

3. Costs for Setup and Maintenance

As a site evolves, setting up and running a website can change considerably over time, depending on a wide range of factors. Wix calculates costs with a tiered series of monthly plans.

This is because it’s a site builder and a landing platform. They also offer a free starter plan, and users can upscale to a higher pricing plan that offers the features they need in due time as the site grows and changes.

Wix offers fixed monthly fees for all of its tools and packages. Thus, it is usually attractive to new users seeking an easy and economical means to set up a site.

On the other hand, it is possible to set up an entire site for free using WordPress with a basic hosting package and free open themes. Although, there is no guarantee on the security of the website.

4. eCommerce Support

Ecommerce is fast rising, and almost everyone is headed there. As a result, Wix gives you customized templates that can be used in setting up your website, but to get full eCommerce functionality options like PayPal and other essentials.

You will have to purchase their eCommerce web hosting pack that’s much higher than the standard cost. Avoid making these Entrepreneurs beginners mistakes.

WordPress on the other hand, has Woocommerce, create an online store of any kind and build it as the venture grows. WooCommerce allows users to choose from a variety of payment means, shopping cart configurations, and product display to transact business both locally and globally.

The benefits of hiring professionals or website design company

It is essential to have your homepage design to be done by professionals or a web design company.

Think about it, hiring professionals or website design companies means gaining direct access to the best people who specialize in web design marketing and can offer strategic insights into how you can improve your website’s customer appeal. 

For a company it usually has a group of website design specialists with the necessary skills and knowledge of producing an excellent custom web design for your business.

While working with WordPress, you will figure out that it needs particular technical know-how to produce high-quality content. With Wix, you get easy to use the platform, but this has significant drawbacks when it comes to brand image quality.

Because you do not want to compromise on your brand image, it is advisable to get an experienced web design company that knows all the ropes required for an efficient branding image. Yes, you can still get it done with Wix.

Importance of Brand Image

Brand image is vital for any businesses to consider to have a higher success rate in the digital economy

When customers buy a service or product, they are not just buying the service or product, but more importantly, they are buying what your business brand stands for. Therefore, you need an efficient brand image that will easily convey your company’s missions and objectives to the consumers.

Customers always look for a business they can associate with, and this is made all the more easier if you have a flexible and durable brand image on your website.

With a strong and unique brand name with an accompanying image or logo, you will be able to impact consumers at first glance and leave a lasting impression.

You will be able to introduce new products and generate sales quickly than when you have a low-quality brand image. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to improve your brand image online and on your website.

With an experienced web design company, you will be advised from the experience and access to good resources that will go a long way toward a brand image to rival all of your competitors.

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