Contact Us Page Will Never Be The Same Again After Reading This

So, you’re rethinking your website design, focus more on the Contact us page. In fact, the Contact Us page is one of the most trafficked pages of a website, and that is reason enough to make your website attention-grabbing and user-friendly.


Definition of Contact Us page

A Contact Us page is a generic, undifferentiated page on your website where your site users can register their interest and link a business with you. A Contact Us page is different from a landing page – landing pages direct site visitors and fulfil specific interest.

Landing pages serve visitors and take them through the conversion path.

But if your landing page has not done its job to meet visitor’s interests, you can use your Contact Us page to determine visitors’ interests. In short, a Contact Us page is like a backup plan for your landing page. Your Contact Us page can, therefore, make or break your website.

Most brands make the mistake of putting on Contact Us page just for show, with the only phone, email address location, and short texts on plain backgrounds that are mostly boring.

Boring Contact Us page is the surest way to lose leads because if you cannot follow through, after a beautiful website, to get the prospective customer to sign up, leave a message or pick that phone and dial, then it’s all been for nothing after all.

By hiring this professional web design company from Malaysia will help you avoid such pitfalls. A website is an important part of the business; it’s not just an online bunch of related web pages. It is your business card, an invitation for the potential customers to check your portfolio and sign up.

It’s a reflection of your brand image. Get the top design service of professionals to make your Contact Us page magnifique.

Here are examples of great ideas for your Contact Us page.


Interactive and Intuitive

For a minimalistic design, you can never go wrong with a few well-selected words to make it interactive and intuitive

Check out Focus Labs excellent solution for a simple interactive Contact Us page.

All the website visitor needs to do is fill in a few personal information, select the budget amount, and click send and their personalised message is ready. There’s also an alternative plan as you scroll down, it includes email address, phone number, links to social media, and location info.


Keep web forms visible and short

Web forms are just as useful as any other elements on the Contact us page. Most websites, however, fail to include web forms, but how do you expect prospects to leave their information with you, then?

Web forms make it easy for users to leave messages. Keep web forms visible and short, don’t ask for too much information; users tend to find this suspicious.

You can use CRMs like Zoho and Lead generation software to build web forms; these offer form templates and form tracking capabilities.


Make things personal with live-chat service

There’s nothing like live-chat service to engage users and add a personal touch on a website.

Users appreciate instant messaging where they don’t have to wait forever for email replies. Plus, the feel of talking live to the brand representatives makes consumers feel special. Check out ClickDesk and Tidio free instant messaging platform that used to create conversions.

Make use of the white space too. This is an often-neglected part of a web page but did you know you can use it to turn your Contact Us page into a postcard? Visitors appreciate personalized designs, check this cosy ad warm contact us page from jVeb studio.



Adding testimonials will be self-rewarding in the long run. It’s going to give your credentials some juice the website needs to continue running.

Include logos, trust seals, video interviews, pictures, and videos of past clients talking about their experiences and their social media info to build credibility.


Use pop-ups well

Don’t shy from using pop-ups; they are only irritating if you use them the wrong way like letting them pop immediately without giving visitors time to explore or keeping them long.

Pop-ups should be natural and follow a minimalist approach -short and to the point without interfering with visitors with pops of colours. Statistics show, well-timed, pop-ups that appear naturally and carry relevant info can double subscription rates more than traditional web forms.


Okay, there you are; are you rethinking your website design, your Contact Us page is just as important as the landing page, don’t focus everywhere else and forget about it.

Professional web designers make building a Contact Us page easy, get in touch with a web design company today to incorporate the above-mentioned ideas on your Contact Us page.



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